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If you love to craft with paper and your looking for a way to earn extra income check out our ideas on how to start your own paper crafting business!If you’re tired of the 9-to-5 job and want to start your own business, congratulations! You’ve just come to the right place.  Most people want to be their own boss, but not everyone knows how to begin. Some lack ideas, while others don’t have enough capital to start one. Many crafters love doing paper crafts. Many of us have being doing it since childhood!  (Remember those “cootie catchers” fortune tellers made from a single sheet of paper?) If you love paper crafting you can easily start your own business at a minimal cost and create a wide range of beautiful things, starting from greeting cards to decorated papercrafts using a variety of tools. We have a HUGE selection of paper crafts here! All you need to know is how to begin.

Darling Little Birdies DIY Room DecorThese sweet little birdies are perfect for a touch of whimsy DIY room decor and they can be placed in any room you like! Sit them on shelves, mantles, on top of books... you can even put a row on top of a door jam! Using our pattern you can make whatever colors you like. All you need is the paper of your choice and two paperclips and glue.


What You Need To Get Started

If you’re new in business, paper crafting can be a good option for you as it requires the least expensive tools that are easy to find. However, to make it right, you just need to maintain the following rules.

Choose Your Target Audience

When you’re about to start a business, you need to know to whom you’re going to sell your crafts. It’s quite important to determine which product you need to make. For example, if your target audience is young people or couples, you can easily make some thoughtful greeting cards or a holiday gift such as our Share the Love: A Simple Valentine’s Day Craft. You’d be amazed at the beautiful paper crafts you can make as home decor.

How to Make a Butterfly Dream Catcher with Special MeaningMake this beautiful butterfly dream catcher with a frame and some paper. Attach the very special poem and it makes a meaningful gift for adults or children!

Basic Startup Tools

Although it doesn’t require a great fortune to start a papercraft business, in fact you may already have much of what you need. Depending on the type of paper crafting you do will require the tools you use from various types of paper  to, adhesives, cutting tools,  printing tools, etc.

Research Different Cutting Tools

One of the major tools you need for paper crafting is a good cutter. You might have used only a knife or blade when it was your hobby, but for business purposes, you need something more advanced. To create paper crafted cards and decors professionally, you may require tools like a razor knife, guillotine paper cutters, an electronic craft cutting machine, cutting shears, etc. However, it all depends on the types of papers you’re using.

Name Your Business

This is the fun part! You’ve gathered all the necessary tools for your business. Now, you have to find a good name for it as it’s the first thing your customer is going to see.  Finding a good, catchy name is crucial for any business. It will put light on your personality as a businessman and tell your customers what this business is all about. Instead of using some random words, find a simple yet creative name that will catch the customers’ attention.

Explore Different Paper Types

Finding the right raw materials is the key to start a successful craft business. And, for this business, no doubt your raw material is paper. Different crafts require different papers. That’s why it’s crucial to know which paper type is suitable for which craft. For example, if you’re planning to make greeting cards, cardstock, a thin, stiff, yet smooth type of paper can be your best bet. However, a high-quality art paper can do fine as well. On the other hand, kinwashi, a hemp paper material, is perfect for the lampshade and letterpress designs. Much of what we use here is simple colored paper or cardstock.

Learn Advanced Paper Crafting

You might be good at making paper crafted things, but that’s not enough to run a business. For business, you need to create a product, which will be attractive enough for sales. If you have been doing papercraft as a hobby, you may want to hone your skills and learn new methods. You can take advanced paper crafting training from an expert or join a class or simple purchase books on new techniques. You will learn about some advanced techniques to create more creative decors. Also, there are some advanced crafting tools that you might not know about. From these courses, you will learn how to use these tools.

Make Something That You Can Actually Sell

As a crafter, you have always made things for your friends and family in small numbers. But, when you are in a business, you will have to make things in bulk. So make sure you can actually sell them. It’s because not every customer needs the same thing. You cannot be successful by making thousands of paper-crafted dolls if there’s a demand for lampshades. While you’ve been making things for years only for satisfaction, you need to change your mindset when it comes to selling. So, do thorough research on your customers’ requirements and proceed accordingly.

How to Make Whimsical Paper Town Shelf Sitters for Pennies!

Find a Nice & Comfortable Workplace

All these years, you have been creating amazing crafted tools sitting on your table or on your bed. But, when you do it for business purposes, you need a better and bigger space. You don’t need  a big office to start a papercraft business. You can still do it at your home. All you need is a nice and quiet place where you can work peacefully. Do you have a spare room at your home? Simply do some renovation and turn it into a studio to show your creativity. If you don’t have any extra room, you can fix a corner of your room to start things professionally. Even if you rent there is always a way to find a spot for your crafting.

Craft Room : Rental Home Style

Think About Marketing

So, you’ve gathered everything, learned advanced crafting, and are completely ready to start your business. Now what? How are you going to find your potential customers?  Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good number of customers if you’re not doing any commercial business. When you’re doing business from your home, the best way for marketing your products is social media. Nowadays, most people are doing a successful business using social media platforms like Facebook. You can simply create a page and start promoting your crafts to your target audience. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways for the marketing of your business.

Final Thoughts

Most people have a negative point of view when it comes to doing business. Some people think it’s risky, while others consider it a waste of time. However, doing business is fun, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Just believe in yourself and work hard. And most of all, have fun!

If you love to craft with paper and your looking for a way to earn extra income check out our ideas on how to start your own paper crafting business!







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