Charming Soda Bottle Bracelet DIY



soda.bottle.bracelets.9aYou won’t believe what these beautiful bracelets are made from.  A plastic soda bottle and some scraps. I could have made about 50 of them they are so quick and easy.  Ahhh… I can see it now.  A whole wardrobe of colorful bracelets to match any outfit. (If this were food my mouth would be watering.)  Its a wonderful way to upcycle those soda bottles. Kids and adults alike will love them!

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soda.bottle.seriesSupplies Used


I found these are perfect for closing your bracelets though there are a variety of ways you can do that.  The 15 to 16 mm size Crimp works quite well. They are aprox. 5/8″ wide. If you’re making very thin or very thick bracelets adjust as needed as they come in a variety of sizes. I found these items are much cheaper purchased separately. You can get a package of each at craft stores or any department store with a craft area.





Remove the label from your bottle. (It does not have to have all the residue removed for this project.) Cut even strips for your bracelets. I made mine about 1/2″ with some a little smaller and some a little larger.




You can either cut or tear strips of material. I made mine about 1/2″ wide.  Make them a long as possible but you can add pieces easily if you need more .

There are two ways to attach the material to your bracelet. I found the hot glue method works great. Just put some hot glue on the inner end and attach your fabric. Wrap and secure again at the other end.
You can also use Mod Podge and coat your bracelet and wrap. I did not find this to be any better than hot gluing however.

You can wrap the fabric two ways. Flat as shown above or by rolling the fabric as you go as seen below. Both look great.

Once you’re finished you can trim the ends a little bit if needed and add your pinch crimps on each side.

I used a hammer to tap mine down firmly.
soda.bottle.bracelets.6blankAttach a jump ring to one side and a lobster clasp to the other side.
For one of my bracelets I use an awl to punch holes on each side and inserted a string to tie the bracelet together.






  1. Well now, I would have never thought the bracelets were made using a soda bottle from the photo in the Linky. They are so cute!!! I have wrapped fabric around rope and attached ends, but I like your idea as they are lighter weight and easier to attach the clasps.

    Thanks for bringing such a clever idea to The Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week!

    Have a great week!!

    Karren~Host OMHGWW


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