3 Simple Ways to De-Stress

Who would have thought that staying indoors would be so stressful! Here are some incredibly simple ways to de-stress not only while spending so much time at home but in general!Who would have thought that saying indoors, doing nothing, could be so stressful!? It’s a strange phenomenon that no doubt, experts in different fields will be studying for many years to come. Why is it that even when doing nothing, human beings feel like something isn’t right? Why are we feeling sadder? Why do we feel anxious? The truth of the matter is, modern society just isn’t mentally prepared for a pandemic. The Spanish Flu and SARS are both recent pandemics but society behaved differently then. There were protective measures in place but not full-scale lockdowns. Our lives have come to a stop and what’s worse is, we don’t know when it will end. If you feel stressed out, these are some coping mechanisms and techniques.

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Be with your pets

If you’re stuck indoors, so is your furry friend. Spending more time with your cat or dog is good for you and good for them. Even if you can’t take them outside for a walk, you can still play some games with them in the garden. Fetch is something that can be modified. Rather than one ball, throw two at a time or one after the other. Make your dog run around and change direction a lot more this way. Your cat can also be entertained with faux mouse toys. Cats also love to patrol their territory, so remember to allow them outside during the day and night. If you have other types of pets, use this time to learn more about them online. Lizards, fish, spiders and gerbils all have unique anatomies and personality groups. Take a quiz about your pet and test your knowledge!

Lessen the stimulants

Drinking a hot cup of Joe in the morning isn’t something you should be doing now. The caffeine and sugar were used to get us up in the mornings before work, so we’re refreshed and ready for a long hard day. Now that we’re at home, this slingshot of energy is not going to be used and instead make us more agitated and upset.  Smoking is something that needs to be cut right down and some kind of alternative found. A go weed product is the opposite of a stimulant, instead, it soothes and relaxes your mind and body. There are different kinds of products, with varying flavors and strengths, so read the descriptions of each to find which one would suit you best. Read the reviews to get a better opinion from those with firsthand experience.

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Plants in the home

Studies have shown when there’s more life in the home the occupants always feel less stressed. There’s something calming about plants growing in the home that lowers our blood pressure. Maybe it’s the fact that something is alive and flourishing because of our daily care, or it could be that more fresh oxygen is being produced. Regardless, you should buy a plant or several for your home to reap these benefits. In the current situation, every little bit helps. Stress-free lives are rarer to come by even without the lockdown but now, it’s even more important to start doing things for the benefit of our mental health.

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So, there you have it.  Just a few simple tips that can really make a difference.  Now, take a deep breath!

Who would have thought that staying indoors would be so stressful! Here are some incredibly simple ways to de-stress not only while spending so much time at home but in general!

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