Simple Tips to Live Healthy and Happy

Sometimes small things can make a big difference! Our bodies are incredibly forgiving so check out or simple tips to live healthy and happy. 

Getting back on track with your health can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. There’s so much info out there, much of it is contradictory.  But overall we tend to generally know what got us in the place we are at, whether its health issues, weight, etc. The key is not looking backwards but looking forwards! Our bodies are incredibly forgiving and always striving for balance and health. Changing a few things can make a huge difference.  As you set goals and work for improvement the key is to do it from a positive mindset not a negative one.  That alone will make it so much easier to accomplish anything in life including self improvement. Here are some helpful health and happiness tips that will help you to make a different to your life.

Eating Well

Ok… no brainer here. One of the bigger causes of ill health is what we put into our bodies. Adopting a more plant based diet can do wonders for you. Even just adding in a big green smoothie in the morning could have a major effect. Made correctly it can give you a huge boost of dark greens that your body so desperately needs. As someone who’s not a huge raw veggie person this is how I start each morning to make sure I get these live nutrients. And yes… they are delicious! The added bananas and fruit make it taste like a thick sweet shake.  Below is a link on how to make these. I’ve had one of these every morning for years. I drink a full quart and it goes down easily and deliciously!

How to Drink a Pound of Greens and Love It! Green Smoothie RecipeWith our green smoothie recipe you'll learn how to easily take in large amounts of dark greens with one quick and delicious drink. Your body will love you!

Taking Care of Your Mind

When we talk about things we put into our bodies that effect your health we generally don’t think of “thoughts”. But your thoughts are up there with the food you ingest. Stress is a killer. It can create and exacerbate disease.  This is why the concept of “mindfulness” is so popular and even being used in corporations to help employees. There are some great articles on mindfulness all over the web including many books. And please don’t dismiss the idea of meditation as it goes hand in hand. People don’t understand how simple yet effective it can be. 15 minutes of being along, sitting and lying comfortably and then doing something as simple as focusing on your breath or a sound in the room such as the air conditioner is all that is needed. Its focusing on something that is beninge…  a sound… which allows our brains that are typically in a constant frenzy to calm.  You don’t need to meditate for hours a day. Professionals have suggested just 15 minutes daily will help greatly.  You don’t need to sit in any special position. The key is calming your mind.   If overthinking is a problem we also have some great ideas to help calm your mind in our post Tips to Stop Negative Thoughts In Their Tracks!

Remove Toxic People

The people in your life can really shape your outlook and attitude. When you’re surrounded by people who don’t add value to your life it can become incredibly disheartening. When it comes to removing toxic people from your life, it can be very difficult to take action depending on the relationship. You need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of having these people in your life and then figure out how you’re going to move forward. Sometimes a simple conversation will work wonders and other times you need to make it a cold turkey cut off for your own mental health. Surround yourself with those who life you up, not bring you down.

Seeking Professional Help

If you think you have a problem that cannot be solved by the advice from your close friends and family, you may want to seek professional help. Battling with mental health can be debilitating, but you are not alone. So many people are going through the same thing as you right now and you can support each other through the process. You may want to look into addiction treatment centers or local support groups in your area. Reclaiming your life and taking action is all you need to do if you’re in this situation.

So many people struggle through with the physical and mental health problems, without taking time to assess why they are so affected. As soon as you can accept the issues you have, you can work on fixing them. Your task now is to write down all the aspects of your health that are holding you back. Then write down the reasons why you think this has happened to you. Soon enough you will be able to find the solution that works with your personal problem and you will be back on track.


Sometimes small things can make a big difference! Our bodies are incredibly forgiving so check out or simple tips to live healthy and happy. 

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