Being Healthy at Any Age

We don't slow down because we get old. We get old because we slow down. Learn how you and many others can be healthy at any age!

As you get older, there’s a lot of pressure to keep healthy, and that’s not something you should actively ignore. It can’t be denied that our body ages and becomes more fragile. And so to make sure you’re living a long and healthy life, here are a few ways to be healthier as you get older. No one has exemplified that more than Joan MacDonald, a woman in her 70’s who took control of her health and life. Check out her transformation!  Many have done this. Check out her Instagram for more amazing photos of her journey!  Want more? Check out John Rose’s Youtube, another “older” person who is healthier than many 20 year olds!

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a poison, even though many of us will enjoy it throughout our life. As you get older, you can still, of course, have fun and drink but perhaps those boozy nights aren’t going to be so easy to recover from.  Be sure to watch your alcohol intake where you can and monitor how much you’re drinking. It always takes time for your body to recover from a night out and if you’re doing it too much as you get older, it’s going to take its toll on your body. Your tolerance for alcohol will only get less and less as you age too, so it  might just feel natural to hold back a bit more when you’re out drinking anyway. But don’t forget, you can still enjoy yourself! There are also lots of resources out there like alcohol addiction treatment center if you feel like you need more support.

Exercise With Weights

Exercise is very important to do throughout your life, and sometimes we can let it slip when life gets in the way. As your body ages, your bones become weaker and so you want to rely on that muscle around the bones to not only protect them but to strengthen your body. Weighted workouts can be really worthwhile to do for your body and you should be balancing out the cardio workouts alongside some weighted ones too. Having an all-round fitness workout that covers everything is essential. Not everyone likes working out with weights, and the same can be said for cardio, but both need to be done in order to be more healthy.

Stay Socially Active

Everyone needs to feel loved and valued. One of the ways we can feel that is by being more socially active. It’s important not to neglect this aspect of your life because we need others to socialise and connect with. It’s vital for our state of mind and to feel healthier in general. So make time for your friends and family like you would for anything else in your life.

Don’t Neglect Your Medical Care

Getting the right medical care is essential, and that means going to every appointment you can do and taking up every offer of a medical check-up to do with your body. Your body is naturally progressing through deterioration, so it’s good to keep a close eye on what it’s doing. If you ignore it, then that’s when the problems start to happen and things that you can cure or help because you’ve ignored it for too long.

Being healthy is a way to live a longer and happier life, so make sure you’re looking after yourself.

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