Help and Benefits When You Stop Smoking

Many smokers have struggled to quit. Some have opted to switch to e-cigs which can help transition. At the same time, you do need to be very cautious. They have found that vitamin E acetate is causing severe damage. So you MUST find e-cigs and vape pens that do NOT have that ingredient. Here is the CDC’s info about it. If you decide to use e-cigs as a stepping stone to stopping smoking, find the safer versions.  Some opt for other methods to help them. Others might replace smoking with something more dangerous so be aware. Addiction and rehab stories often start with cigarettes or alcohol, leading to drug abuse, and other problems. Take the right step forward and you can build in the other direction instead. If you chose vaping and do so following the CDC’s advice some helpful benefits with this method to stop smoking are below. But first you might want to try acupressure using our method below.

Try Acupressure First

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If you choose to use e-cigs here are some benefits.

“You don’t even feel like you are giving up smoking”

If you take a look on the internet then you will see that this is the most common phrase stated in all of the e-cig reviews. People state in their electronic cigarette review that they love the product because they do not feel like they have even altered their usual routine. They still pick up a cigarette, they still smoke it, they still inhale nicotine and they still get to taste the mild, standard or menthol style of cigarette. The only real difference between a normal cigarette and an electronic one is the fact that an electronic one does not contain any tar, or tobacco or other harmful chemicals. You are probably thinking “but it contains nicotine!” You’re right; this is why you need to eventually come off vaping too. Use it as a stop-gap.

“My bank balance has improved”

If you read an electronic cigarette review online now then you can guarantee that there will be a comment regarding how much money they have saved. There is no denying the fact that smoking is an expensive hobby. Thankfully, e-cigs are the healthier alternative and the cost-effective alternative as well. Take a look online now. You will be met with a huge selection of different products. Have a look at them and get a feel for the average price of e-cigarettes and e-cig starter kits. If you calculate how many smokes you are going to get from them (approximately 30 per cartomizer) then you compare this with how much you spend on smoking, you will easily be able to see where the savings are going to be made.

“I enjoy going out a lot more”

This is somewhat of an unexpected benefit. It is something a lot of people do not think about. Nevertheless, it is also worth a mention because it is something that a lot of smokers feel frustrated with. Don’t you get irritated when you go out and you have to go to the designated smoking area whenever you want a cigarette? You have to interrupt your meal, your movie, your drinks (or whatever else you are doing) to go and have a cigarette. This can put a major stumbling block in the way when it comes to having fun. A lot of people who have written e-cig reviews said that the ability to smoke indoors with their friends is something they did not believe would have such a profound effect as it has.

“I feel a lot healthier within myself”

This is an extremely important point found in every electronic cigarette review. If we were to talk about the bad side effects of smoking then we would be here all day. From the horrid smell, to the yellow shade of teeth and fingertips, to finding it more difficult to breathe; these are all the horrible consequences that can occur from having a cigarette. Whilst no one can roll back the clock, an electronic cigarette definitely goes a long way to revert the impact of smoking for however many years you have been doing so. Read e-cig reviews online and you will see that people soon start to notice the yellow tinge leaving their teeth and skin. Others say that they feel healthier and fitter than they ever have before – and it is not surprising because breathing will be a lot easier. And then there are those who feel a lot more confident because they don’t have to worry about bad breathe or smoke-smelling clothes.

“I don’t think I will ever smoke again”

And when you combine all of the benefits that have been mentioned in this article, the one last thing that most e-cig reviews end with is the fact that the person does not think they will ever feel the need to smoke again. You may brush this aside as merely ridiculous. If you have smoked all of your life then how can you possibly say you won’t again? This is an understandable point. But once you try an e-cig for yourself you will be able to understand. As all of the e-cig reviews state; you are not depriving yourself of smoking and therefore there is no magic spell to break or no horrible barrier in your way. You get to enjoy something you always have done – the only difference is; it is healthier. This then makes it easier for you to transition to not needing anything at all.


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