Baby Its Cold Outside – How to Stay Warm

Some tips on How to Stay Warm in the winter months! Sometimes it can be just a matter of some basic changes to help you keep the chill away!Gray and cloudy sky. Rain puddles. Freezing wind. Frost on the cars parked in the street. Brr, if one thing is for sure: winter is a cold season in the northern hemisphere. The weather tends to look dreadful during the winter months. And even snow enthusiasts are the first to admit that there is such as thing as too much snow. Indeed, despite the festive days and the exciting snacks and events of the winter season, most people share the same complaint: Winter is too long and too cold! Of course, there’s no denying that you need to prepare your wardrobe for the weather. However, sometimes, despite the thick jumpers, scarves, and mittens, you can’t help but still feel cold. It seems like you’ll never be warm again until next spring. How come winter can feel bone-freezing even when you’re wearing the appropriate clothes?

Layer Those Clothes

Layering clothing does a much better job at keeping your warm as apposed to a single heaving item of clothing. Wear a shirt with a sweater over it! We also have a great  quick pattern for some Quick Fleece Arm Warmers Tutorial!

Your Immune System

Your immune system goes through a lot. However, in winter, the health threats tend to be more numerous. Indeed, you are more likely to catch a cold in winter because you tend to spend more time indoors, where most germs can spread and proliferate easily. As a result, your immune system works a little harder in winter and is targeted by the most common viruses and infections. Therefore, it’s essential to add a healthy boost to your diet. A green smoothie or a handful of blueberries every day can help to strengthen your immune system, helping your body to focus its energy on other essential functions, such as keeping your warm!

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Check for Cracks

Ultimately, the idea about staying indoors in winter is that your home is supposed to be warmer than your yard or deck. However, inadequate home insulation systems can make it much more difficult to maintain a comfy level of heat your home. If you feel cold air coming through your windows or doors, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a specialist. One expert, Kelly Window and Door, recommends that you check the all important sealing quality of your windows, especially if they’re single pane.  In many cases it’s also possible to cut energy costs by upgrading your front door!

Get Moving!

While it’s tempting to stay in the living room and watch your favorite TV show in front of a crackling fire while the wind is blowing outside, you should actually include more outdoor activities in your winter schedule. Indeed, exercising in winter maximizes direct sunlight exposure, which keeps your immune system strong. Additionally, keeping your blood flowing helps to increase your body temperature, making sure your own natural  heat is spreading from within.

Winter Makes You Sad

Finally, winter is the most common season for depressive disorders. Indeed, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is frequent in winter when the natural sunlight decreases. What not many people understand is how serious SAD can get. Indeed, it is a lot more than winter blues. SAD is a mild form of depression that can affect your mental health as severely as any depression. It increases your feelings of sadness and isolation, creating a sense of loneliness. Unfortunately, isolation can also affect your perception of cold, making you believe that you can’t warm up.

If you are feeling colder than normal this winter, it’s time to consider some of these other causes before grabbing a thick jumper. Indeed, when your immune system goes through a lot of pressures, your body is too drained to maintain its heat. Additionally, depressive disorders can also affect your sensation of cold. In short, listen to your body this winter. Being cold could mean more than you think!

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Some tips on How to Stay Warm in the winter months! Sometimes it can be just a matter of some basic changes to help you keep the chill away!


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