Hidden Dangers In Your Home

Your home should be your safe sanctuary.  However, there are some hidden dangers in your home that you need to be aware of and many are an easy fix! Your home should be your safe sanctuary.  However, there are some hidden dangers in your home that you need to be aware of and many are an easy fix!  That is how most of us want the place we live to be. Sadly, not everyone’s home is like that. In fact, sometimes the places in which we live can be an active threat to our well being because of dangers that we don’t even realize are there. Luckily, you can find out about the most common things that could be damaging your quality of life at home, in the post below. Something that means you can correct them before they become a significant problem.

Airborne Allergens

One of the most common hidden dangers in the home are airborne allergens that can affect the breathing of those with conditions such as asthma. They have even been known to cause allergic reactions in the residents of the home. In fact, such reactions can range from a blocked nose, sneezing, itching and even in severe cases a condition known as anaphylactic shock. Where the body swells and breathing can become difficult.

Of course, even for those that don’t have recognized allergies, air full of dust, mites, and pet dander isn’t the most healthy environment to live in. To that end, doing everything you can to purify the air in your home is essential. A task that may include regular cleaning with natural products, vacuuming with HEPA filters, and even using a purifier to improve the quality of the air you breathe.


We tend to think of fluoride as a positive thing. After all, it’s a key ingredient in toothpaste design to prevent decay. However, it may shock you to know that at least 42 states fluoridate their water. A situation that means every time you take a drink from the tap, you are putting this chemical into your body.  Unfortunately, fluoride is known to collect in the body. In fact, some believe it has been linked to the calcification of specific organs. Therefore many people are dubious about consuming an unlimited amount.  With that in mind, some folks choose to use a water filter to remove fluoride. Although, before you decide on a water filter, be sure to check out information like these Berkey test results, which clearly show that their particular brand removes 99% plus of fluoride. In addition to lots of other waterborne nasties, that is.


Another common danger in the home is mold, especially black mold which has been linked to respiratory problems. Unfortunately, most homes have plenty of places where mold finds it easy to grow. The bathroom and the kitchen, in particular, being problem zones because of the use of water.  Ideally, the best solution is to prevent the accumulation of mold in the first place. Something that may entail keeping your home as dry and well aired as possible, and also cleaning when you see the early signs of mold spring up. In fact, by taking this action, you can help to keep your home mold-free and your family as safe as possible.

Something that can help you identify if you have mold, among other things, is a black light.  Check out our post Awesome Practical Uses For A Black Light Flashlight.

Protect your stuff and more! Learn how an inexpensive black light flashlight has a variety of uses and is a great addition to your home gadgets.

Rodent infestation

Mice and other rodents may seem cute, but you certainly don’t want a whole load of them living in your house. In fact, rodents carry all sorts of nasty diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia which can pose a severe risk to humans.  With that in mind taking preventive measures to stop an infestation from occurring is essential. This will include things such as not leaving food open on the side, and checking cupboard and storage spaces for holes, especially if they are adjacent to outside walls. Additionally, making sure your primary trash bins are a way away from the house can prevent rodent infestation as well. Rodents are always more likely to be drawn to an easily visible brush pile or garbage cans.  Make sure that these kinds of rodent food sources are kept as far away as possible and lids are always on garbage bins.

It is a wholly different matter, however, if you are aware that there is already a rodent issue in your home. Happily, there are some things you can do, such as putting down traps, and even use poison if it comes to it. Of course, decontaminating any areas of surfaces before you use them is vital too.  You can even get a professional exterminator in to help if you so choose. This being something that can provide the most effective and long-lasting solution to any errant rodents that may be dirtying up your home. Therefore making it much safer for you and your family.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that was used in an unregulated way in construction projects up until the Clean Air Act of 1970. Unfortunately, it is also a highly dangerous substance because when the tiny fibers it contains are dislodged, they can be breathed in. Sadly, these fibers are known to be carcinogenic, and therefore must be avoided at all costs.  Obviously, this creates a problem for those living in homes where asbestos may be part of the construction. The good news is that it is only dangerous when it is disturbed, so it will hopefully not pose an immediate threat to residents.  However, removing or even touching it is highly dangerous, and a professional asbestos removal crew will need to be engaged to do the job for you. Something that also means you will have to evacuate the property while work is going if you want to avoid any danger of contamination.


Negative Energy

Some people may laugh! However, others will know only too well that negative energy in your living space can pose a severe risk to your quality of life. In fact, if you bought a home that was anything other than brand new, you really have no idea of what went on there before you moved in.  So, there you have it.  There are many other things that can affect the health and happiness of your home, but let this list be your starting place to raise your awareness and put you on a path to the best environment your home can be. To that end, it may be worth using some forms of spiritual cleanings or protection in your home. With some folks choosing smudging, crystals, alters and even blessed crucifixes. Some also ask their spiritual leaders to come around and bless each room individually. Therefore proving them with a clean slate and peace of mind to live in their home in the calmest and positive way possible.  Personally, I’m  a big fan of smudging, which is rooted in Native American Culture. We have a detailed post and free download showing you exactly how to do this simple energy clearing ritual.

It also never hurts to keep reminders around the house that our “vibe” affects our surroundings. Check out our fun posts How To Make A Tribal Burden Basket For A Peaceful Home and How To Keep The Nasties Away – Simple Anti Bad Vibe Shield

A smudging ceremony is a Native American ritual that you can easily do in your own home. It removes negative energy immediately and also odors! Download our free instructions sheet and try it for yourself! It’s a wonderful way to make your home feel good.


Your home should be your safe sanctuary.  However, there are some hidden dangers in your home that you need to be aware of and many are an easy fix! 





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