Outside Snack Holder DIY (CD & Plastic Cup)

Outdoor Snack Holder blank630x20

What a fun and charming way to have a snack while you’re outside throwing a party, BBQ or just lounging around enjoying the day!  These are perfect for any occasion as you can color them up in any way you choose!  All this simple upcycle project takes is one  CD , one  Plastic Cup and one Dowel. Add some paint and trim and you’re set!


Supply List

  • CD’s or DVD’s, Used or New
  • Plastic Cups  (9 oz clear. Get the shorter type)
  • Dowels   7/8th  x  36″
  • Fine sand paper (optional but helps paint stick)
  • Spray paint of choice.
  • Clear gloss coating for protection. (optional)
  • Ric Rac that matches.
  • Glue Gun


Visual Instructions

  Lightly sand the CD’s. This helps the paint stick. CD Treat Holder DIYblank
Spray paint colors of choice. I just did the tops but you can do both sides if desired.  You can also add a clear protective coating on top after the spray paint dries to make them last longer.

CD Treat Holder DIYblank

Attach ric rac using a thin line of hot glue. Center the ric rac on the edge of the disc.

Attach the dowel (which can be painted if desired) by using a huge blob of hot glue. The glue will go through the CD center at which point you quickly place the cup over the hole onto the glue that has bled through. Again, use a large amount! The 5/8″ dowel allows the CD and cup to sit very securely if enough glue is used.

CD Treat Holder DIYblank
This shows treat holders without the dowel attached yet.  I did put a little glue on the bottom of the cups to attach them before attaching the dowel. The above method works well also with no pre-gluing.

CD Treat Holder DIYblank

The dowel can be stuck into the ground if the ground is soft. My ground was a bit hard so I used a hammer and a plain dowel to make a hole first. You can also whittle the end of your dowel to a point if desired to help with insertion.

CD Treat Holder DIY


Outdoor Snack Holder SQ



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