How to Enrich Your Life in Small Ways

If you’re someone who loves to invest in your own personal development, and you’ve got some time on your hands at the moment, it might be worth it to learn a new skill. But more specifically, make sure you turn your hand to learning a skill that’ll give back in a meaningful way. After all, when you spend all that time studying and enjoying yourself with a new hobby, you want to have something to show for it at the end!

So here are a few suggestions to sink your teeth into. If you’re planning to put something new on a resume, or you just want to develop a skill because you know it’ll enrich your life, it’s time to make a proper investment. We’ve got other Self Care Ideas too!

Try Your Hand at Painting

Painting is a creative skill, and that’s something your brain is going to love investing in. After all, we’re creative beings, and we like to put our hands to work! When you can use paints and brushes and create a masterpiece by the time you’re done, you’re going to have something to show for your efforts.

Of course, to some of us, painting can seem like quite a hard discipline, so don’t place your expectations to become a master in a few short weeks.  If you don’t already have a skill set to build upon, you’ll need to learn how to draw first. Many people develop a beautiful aptitude for art even if they didn’t know they had it in them!  But everyone has a bit of Van Gogh inside them, and putting that innate love for making something to good use is going to make you very happy. And isn’t that worth all of the effort? The more you practice, the more confident you’ll get… and that’s when you can start contacting the galleries!

Develop Your Green Thumb

Gardening is a very hands on skill, and it takes you right back to the roots of the earth. Many people learn they have a hidden aptitude for this amazingly restful and satisfying skill after only a few weeks of giving it a try. Our Herb Plant Labels DIY might be helpful.) Whether it’s taking charge of trees and shrubs, or tending to vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, there’s lots of wonderful aspects to growing and gardening.  It’s colorful, artistic and organic! And if you’re someone who thinks you need to get outside a bit more, this is a perfect new skill to invest in. You’ll quickly acquire a new appreciation for the sunshine, water and air, and how these elements benefit you and whatever you grow.  Imagine growing organic food for your own table, and even sharing your healthy produce with friends and neighbors.  Many neighborhoods now have farmer’s markets where you can sell your produce.  So, not only could you make money, but you’ll also save money, have a better diet, and a happier disposition.  What’s not to love? You can start indoors with our Touch of Gold DIY Planters From Soda Bottles! While you’re at it take a peek at our  Metro Modern Self Watering Planters from Soda Bottles.

Invest in Your Career

Your career has a lot to offer you. Why not use this time to invest a little bit more in it? After all, the more qualifications you have, and the more experience you gain, the more sought after you’ll be on the market. And when you’re between jobs, or just want to make a bit more money, this is a perfect opportunity.

You can even learn online rather easily, if you have no time to join a club or you don’t want to use all of your energy signing up to a local college. Some serious qualifications exist online, like masters in health administration online programs, and that could lead on to quite a few other options. Take a look around these kind of websites to get to know the providers; it’s the best way to find the program that’s just right for you.

There are a lot of skills you can invest in, but some give back a lot more than others. Ask your closest friends what they perceive your skills and interests are.  It may surprise you to hear there are honest and accurate perceptions about you that you haven’t yet noticed in yourself.  There really are many options available for all of us that can bring a whole new optimism and enthusiasm into our lives.  Our quests for personal development are well worth our efforts, so have fun exploring and choosing a path that’s right for you.







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