Soda Bottle Crafts

This lovely and useful contemporary baker's twine string dispenser is part of our matching contemporary kitchen craft series. It's easy and fun to make!
This attractive bag dispenser is from our Contemporary Kitchen Craft set. It's useful, easy to make and a great upcycle project made from a soda bottle.
Sometimes the simplest things can be the most useful. These tall pasta containers come from our Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series and are so easy to make!
This cup dispenser is part of our matching Contemporary Kitchen Craft series. Hang it anywhere. It works and looks great! Best soda bottle upcycle ever!
Make your outdoor pathways shine and glimmer with these elegant gold and silver path lights made from soda bottles, dowels and battery operated tea lights.
This matching bathroom set, complete with a cup dispenser, is made from three slim soda bottles. Paint them any color you like and use our free labels!
We'll show you how to make a pillow box from almost any size of soda bottle. Wrapped in ribbon they are a perfect unique way to give a small gift or treats!
These upcycled plastic soda bottles make unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas and are perfect for our healthy chocolate fudge recipe as a neighbor gift!
DIY Finger Pin Cushion 14blank630x20 This tiny 10 minute pin cushion is a huge help for anyone who sews. Made using the lid from a plastic bottle you can make it any color or style you want!
Make this fun human sunflower seed dispenser with an attached shell holder! Snack, toss the shells in the trash, screw the top back on. Genius!
Getting rid of fruit flies can be done quickly and kindly with a DIY fruit fly catcher made from a plastic bottle. Just add some ripe fruit for bait!
Make these fun weight loss tracker jars to give you a great visual to your progress! We've got six different styles you can make using a variety of items!
Make this simple but Humane Bug Catcher from a soda bottle. It allows you to kindly catch them at arms length, then take them outside and set them free.
Make fun family time capsules using plastic soda bottles and our free printables! We give you labels and ideas for other items to add into your capsule.
Get organized with plastic bottles! You can cut them, paint them and decorate them to hold all kinds of things. What a great way to upcycle!
Make this spooky specimen jar halloween decor from a plastic soda bottle! An easy, inexpensive upcycle that can be used to hold all types of things!
DIY Candle Holders From Plastic Soda Bottles 12b