Soda Bottle Flower Stamp

Soda Bottle Flower Stamp DIY blank630x20

The bottoms of soda bottles make great stamps for fabric or paper. I made a quick wall hanging using them. You have to make sure you get a bottle that has a more flat surface on the bottom area or else you’ll just get dots for petals!  I used a mid-sized plastic Canadian Dry bottle for mine and it was perfect. I didn’t even take the soda out of it first!


  • Soda bottles with flatter feet.  Any size you wish.
  • Paint
  • Whatever item you want to stamp on


Visual Steps

This is the Canada Dry bottle I found that had a great bottom for this purpose.


blank630x20blankDo some testing with your bottles on scrap material. This shows the how the stamp can work if you have a bottle with too small of feet and one with flatter ones.


Muslin makes a great material for a stamped wall hanging. soda.bottle.wall.hanging.1blank

For the wall hanging I sewed a hem to put the dowel thorugh. soda.bottle.wall.hanging.2blank

Pour some acrylic paint into a paper plate and use the bottom of your bottle as a stamp. I tested the amount and pressure on scrap material first. soda.bottle.wall.hanging.5blank

Soda Bottle Flower Stamp Tutorialblank Soda Bottle Flower Stamp

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