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Ok, this might be a little weird for some of you. I’m a gum chewer. I chew Xylitol gum regularly because it prevents and can heal tooth decay. However I like to chew gum and not have a burst of flavor each time so I’ll save my gum over a few days for re-chewing.  Those who do this “get it”. Those who don’t are likely grossed out at this point.

gumI used to stick my gum in odd places. I have photos of my desk through the years  and if you look close you will see my gum sitting somewhere covertly like  “Where’s Waldo”. The most common spot was the base of the fan that I always gum.on.deskhave on the desk.  Needless to say it would get fairly grodie after a while and I’d have to grab my Goo Gone and remove all the gum residue. I started putting a piece of foil on the base of the fan to lay my gum on but it wasn’t a good solution.

I finally came up with the idea to use a cap of a bottle. It worked great! Being someone who likes to make my home and spaces special and unique, I decided to fancy up my cap a little. So for all you gum chewers and savers out there… this one’s for you!


  • Soda bottle lid
  • Paint or fancy paper.
  • Jewels etc.
  • Glue Gun
  • Foil


Visual Instructions

Cut a strip of fancy paper to fit around the edge of your cap. Hot glue gems on.





You can also paint the lids. I spray painted mine then added some dimensional puffy paint.



I cut a small piece of foil (wax paper would also work) to place inside the cap. I can then change it out if it gets too icky. A small dab of hot glue will hold it in place yet allow you to remove it fairly easily.






  1. Beaethel Jackson-Terry

    I am addicted to Take 5 peppermint flavored gum. I don’t substitute. I started with 1 pk n would chew 2 stix at a time. I know but it by the box with 6 pks of 35 n ea pk n chew no less than 4 stix at a time. I might stick it anywhere when I need 2 take it out of my mouth. For fear of germs I started looking 4 chewed chewing gum holders n didn’t find any. I didn’t think such a thing existed, even though I knew I wasn’t alone n my love 4 chewing gum. Thank u 4 b n there, I now hv a solution 2 my problem. I’ll refer evry1 about this product!

  2. When we were kids we would pop our gum in our drinks at dinner time then often forget to retrieve it. My mum would then find it all sticky at the bottom of the glass when washing up. She soon wised up and made us wash up ourselves, but this little idea would have been perfect! I rarely chew gum now and neither do my kids but I can see then sense in having somewhere to park it when you need to!


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