Easy Soda Bottle Tools: Drip Catcher, Funnel, Scoop & Pasta Holder

Easy Soda Bottle Tools blank630x20

We’ve got a few simple upcycle things you can make with soda bottles! I use these myself regularly and they are awesome! Some work best with specific sizes of bottles.

Basic Supplies

  • X-acto Knife
  • Glue Gun
  • Goo Gone
  • Dry Erase Markers (Perfect for marking the bottles)
  • Various Sizes of Soda Bottles

screenshot31 Mar. 27 11.22

These are some of my favorite bottles. I get them from Wal-mart and they have straight sides and are great for crafts! But use whatever type and size you like. Some will work better for some projects than others.

The scoop usually works better with a bottle that’s firmer. The spaghetti holder works best with the tall skinny bottles. blank630x20

Visual Instructions

Remove the labels on all your bottles. After doing so use Goo Gone or something similar to get rid of the residue without marring the surface.



Most of these are self explanatory and are a matter of just marking and cutting the bottles. You could decorate them with permanent markers or stickers if desired. I use a dry erase marker to make the lines that I will cut on. That way it wipes off easily afterwards. blank630x20


Cut a smaller bottle off as shown. Decorate with markers, stickers or paint if desired.Soda Bottle Funnelblank630x20

Pasta Spaghetti Holder

Make this nifty and quick holder for your spaghetti! This one requires two skinny tall soda bottles. I get mine from Walmart. This would also work for pencils, paint brushes or any other tall slim items you can think of. Making these shorter would allow you to use them for other things. Any size bottle will work for that. The skinny ones just happen to be perfect for this use.

Cut your bottles 6 1/2 inches up from the bottom. Cut a 2 inch slit up the bottom of ONE of the bottles. This allows you to overlap the bottom a little so it fits inside the other half.



Put your spaghetti in and stick the side with the split into the other side.  It will push down snugly.

Soda Bottle Pasta Holderblank630x20



Drip Catcher

This prevents water from dripping or spilling onto the floor if you have a liquid dispenser with a spout that is similar to the one shown. I used a 32 oz bottle for this. You can mark with a dry erase marker and then cut as shown.


Mark an oval with a dry erase marker and cut out. This will be what fits over the spout. Measure accordingly.


blank630x20Soda Bottle Drip Catcher 2blank630x20


I’m always in need of a scoop for one thing or another. You can make various sizes quickly with soda bottles. The thicker bottles work best.Cut as shown. Decorate with stickers, paint or makers. I had some leftover stickers I used for mine that matched the green bottle.Soda Bottle Scoop 1blank630x20 Soda Bottle Scoup 2


  1. Tiffiney M Smith

    I love these ideas! I’ll definitely try the pasta holder.
    I made a couple bird feeders using plastic bottles too. They are working great and only took about 15 to make.

  2. Sherri Munn

    I made one of these drop catchers for my tea dispenser I keep in the refrigerator. How do you keep the sides of the bottle from curling inward when they are cut?

    1. Nancy Author

      Hi Sherri! The only problem I had with them turning in was with the scoop. The trick is to not make the sides of the scoop come up too far. Here is a quick one I made for my current dog food bin. You can see how I kept the sides trimmed back.

  3. Linda@MixedKreations

    How neat! These are all great ideas! Very creative pasta holder, and I love the drip catcher, I could use one of those. Thanks so much for sharing! Pinning and sharing!


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