Unlock Your Homes True Potential

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place that fills you with joy when your in it. Learn how to unlock your homes true potential on a budget.

Your home should be your sanctuary. The place that fills you with joy and comfort when you walk in. We’ll show you how to unlock your homes true potential on a budget.  If you’ve been looking around your home lately and feeling like there’s something missing, then it may be time for a few changes or updates. The one thing that most of us forget when it comes to our personal paradise is that if we don’t keep things up to date, we can wake up one day and really not like what we see in front of us.  Luckily, it’s easier than ever to create something that not only feels incredible, but that will also be an extension of your personality. This post is going to hopefully help you along the way to change your home in many ways and leave you with something breathtaking.

By the time you reach the end of this post, you should be armed with a mountain of ideas that can help you make your home a special place. Many ideas can be done with those on a budget. If you have the money to do more costly things that’s great too.  Any improvements can result in a great return on your investment should you ever decide to sell up.

Why it's important for you have your own special sanctuary or "happy place" that you can retreat too daily and some great simple ideas for creating one!

Why Now Is The Time To Change

Well, the question you should be asking yourself is, why shouldn’t you change things. But if you really want to know why you should make a change, then the answer is quite a simple one.  At the time when you start to become a little tired of your home and decor, you’ll soon discover your willingness to maintain things will drop off a little. You should realize that this doesn’t make you lazy or a bad person, the truth is, it just makes you human. Once you start to lose interest in the home, you’ll find that things around the place start to slip and slide, and before you know it, you’re left with some massive bills and some huge jobs that could have been tackled at an earlier time.

Furniture Makeovers

We don’t like to brag but one of our “things” is furniture makeovers.  There is nothing more fun that taking a piece of “blah” furniture and making it awesome! Perhaps you hate a chest of draws, or your sofa has become old and worn but you can’t afford a new one.  If this is the case, then before you send these items to their final resting place, why don’t you try your hand at a little makeover time.  If you have absolutely no idea where to start, there are literally dozens of ideas on this very site!  While it may pose you a small challenge, you can reupholster the entire sofa and create something that is truly unique and a talking point of your living room. Some upcycling and makeovers are easily done and others can take time, but you can gain so much satisfaction from it, and you will also end up saving yourself a ton of cash. Similar to makeovers, upcycling is taking something and making it useful. This is another area we excel at and many of our decor ideas are upcycle projects. Another thing we enjoy is finding unique inexpensive pieces at thrift stores and fixing them up. Wait till you see some of our ideas to spark your creativity!

Misc Makeovers

Even if some of the things you want to makeover are built into the home fear not! We’ve made over fireplaces and countertops on the cheap! We’ve also makeover light fixtures!

Room Makeovers

We LOVE doing room makeovers on a budget. These projects really get the creative juices flowing. Check out some of our examples below!

Create An Escape In Your Backyard

If there is one thing that we would all do within our home, it’s a place to go to that we can be alone with our thoughts and have some alone time. While some of you may think this concept is crazy, you should realize that the world is a stressful place, so having somewhere you can escape to for an hour is really quite important.

One of the best places to create this escape that all of the family can make the most of when they are in need is in your backyard. When creating the perfect backyard, you should first be looking at the patio area and creating somewhere that you can not only sit but a place where you can also be sheltered from the elements. When people create a patio area, they ignore simple things like awnings and how they can protect from the rain and sun. By having something like an awning, if you want to head outside for an hour and appreciate the beauty of the world while it’s raining outside, you can. You should also be looking at adding some other features to your garden like a water feature and maybe even some herb planters. Both of these things are easy to maintain but really add something incredible to the garden.  There are, of course, so many other things you can add, but they will all come down to personal choice and what suits the needs of you and your family.

Look At Your Flooring

If there is one thing that often can bring out the full potential of a home, it’s the flooring. While this may also seem incredibly simple, it is one thing that often goes overlooked, and it is also something that has the potential to lift the entire home. We know that there may be many of you out there that still swear by carpet, and that’s fine. If you are one of the millions that love carpet, then you may want to invest in a wet and dry vacuum. If there is one thing in your home that is going to take more punishment than anything else, it’s going to be the floor. Imagine the foot traffic that it must have seen. Now, while some years ago it may have been more cost-effective for you to hire a carpet cleaner, in the modern world you can buy a vacuum that will take care of all of these needs, and you will be able to maintain your carpet once you own one. This may be one of the simplest solutions we have presented in this post, but in all honesty, it could be one of the most effective. By doing something as simple as cleaning the carpet, you will find that your entire home beams once more. Of course, if you are after the ultimate lift, you could replace your tired carpet with the easy to maintain and ever-popular wooden flooring. Nowadays, wooden flooring is incredibly popular, and while it may be more costly than cleaning your carpet, it can give your whole house a brand new feel and will last for many years.

Your home should be your sanctuary, every room a joy to walk into. Hopefully this post and these ideas have inspired you to make yours even better!

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place that fills you with joy when your in it. Learn how to unlock your homes true potential on a budget.


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