Whimsical Home Office Series

These are the DIY’s used for my whimsical home office.
Make sure to view the Final Reveal at the bottom of the list!

We built this lovely custom desk organizer with some basic wood tools. It comes with the Google Sketchup file you can adjust to fit your own needs
3D Dragon Craft Wall Art
Learn how to make a custom DIY mouse pad in 10 minutes with cork, a bit of material & some spray adhesive. So easy & inexpensive you can make a whole set!
These unique light fixtures are easy, safe and inexpensive to make. They're also perfect for renters. So grab our free patterns or create your own.
Build a large surface home office desk from inexpensive 3/4" MDF wood. Using items you might already have, no legs are needed. It's easier than you think!
We turned a messy home office closet into a beautiful, fun and organized place to keep track of supplies. Check out our clever ideas for your own office!
Upholstery pins are are an incredibly simple yet versatile tool for doing some quick no-sew recovering in your home. We recovered a window seat in minutes!
Quick Folding Chair Makeover
Make any size and color of mouse pad with three things! Foam board, material and spray adhesive. It's inexpensive and easy to do following our instructions.