Making Healthy Food Even More Delicious!

Making Healthy Food Even More Delicious! These ideas can make a plant based vegan diet even more scrumptous. Free seasonal produce printable!Many of us love unhealthy food not because we don’t care about our bodies but because all those chemicals make it tastes so damn good. Have you ever noticed there is sugar or some form of it such as fructose in processed food items that are not “sweet” food?  If you wonder why its’ because sugar is incredibly addicting. Even if you can’t taste the strong sweetness it does its work in making sure you want more of whatever it is. You know what the Native Americans call sugar? The “white death”.  It’s one of many things that cause damage to our bodies. If you’ve eaten a standard diet for long and attempt to switch to a more healthy plant based system you might find the food tastes bland in comparison. This is because your taste buds have acclimated to a LOT of chemicals, sugar and salt.  As a result, they don’t give us that serotonin kick that we need and often leave us feeling unsatisfied. It’s for this reason that many of us choose a burger and chips over a salad. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can make healthy foods taste better without getting rid of the nutritional benefits. Here are just some of those tricks to help you improve the taste of healthy foods. I promise you, however, once you gradually make the switch to more natural food, after a short time it will “cleanse” your palate and brain. You are not as hungry because you’re getting the nutrients you need and your not craving things because the chemicals that do so are flushed out of your body. The thought of an apple can make your mouth water. I’m not kidding.When I made the switch years ago I was blown away by how things I would never eat or enjoy now made my mouth water. It works!  Don’t forget to grab our FREE SEASONAL PRODUCE PRINTABLE BELOW!

Use seasoning – but go easy on the salt

Seasoning your food will make it taste ten time better. A sprinkle of thyme, sage and pepper can immediately bring alive peas and carrots. Garlic powder and dry herbs can meanwhile help to make homemade pasta dishes and risottos more exciting. Salt tend to be the seasoning that most of us reach for and there’s no denying that it can make food taste good – however it’s notoriously bad for our hearts. Try to use only a pinch of salt and focus more on other herbs and spices. We use a lot of Spike to season things but there are many other choices. When we use salt, which we still do, we use Himalayan Sea Salt which has the minerals still intact.  Mrs. Dash is another brand with lots of herbal seasoning choices for your food.

Best Sweeteners to Replace Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the unhealthiest ingredients that you can add to food. Fortunately, there are many great alternative ways to sweeten your food.  The likes of miracle berry tablets can meanwhile be added to sour juices and fruit smoothies to make them more appealing. On top of these ingredients, you can also try honey, especially raw honey, or agave nectar, both of which we use in place of syrups. Artificial sweeteners aren’t always the best option as they have their own health risks and can sometimes fail to satisfy that sweet craving.   Our favorite healthy choice of sugar is Xylitol. Its plant based and tastes almost exactly like sugar! It can be used to bake with etc. It also has great benefit to the body and particularly your teeth, being proven to prevent and even heal cavities! You can read about there on our post Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye which gives personal examples of just how powerful this stuff is to correct teeth issues.

Buy Xylitol Here(This is a very good brand and what we use)

Roast your vegetables

A great way of making vegetables taste better is to roast them. While some of the nutritional benefit can be lost, you’ll still get a lot more vitamins than you would from roasting French fries. You could also find that it encourages you to try new vegetables that you might never have touched before. For example, most people dislike beets raw, but find them to be very tasty when roasted.

Use ingredients that are in season

Certain foods taste better at certain times of the year. For instance, strawberries taste better in the summer. This is all comes down to growing conditions – strawberries thrive in the summer heat while getting them to grow in the cold can be tricky. In fact, if you buy strawberries in the winter, they’ll usually have to be imported from a hotter country. This whole importing process can mean having to refrigerate them and add preservatives, which take away from the taste. In almost all cases, the fresher food is, the healthier and tastier it is. Create healthy dips for vegetables You can encourage yourself to eat vegetables such as carrots by creating your own healthy dips for dunking these veggies in. This can sometimes be a great way of getting kids to eat vegetables as they enjoy the dipping aspect (probably because they associate it with ketchup). We have many great healthy recipes on our site that are our favorites. Check them out here.

Free Seasonal Produce List (pdf)


Have a Green Drink

Also known as a green smoothie, these are sweet, thick and delicious and allows you to get a LOT of dark greens into your body which are so needed and beneficial. YOU DON’T TASTE THEM! I have a full quart every morning because I’m not a fan of salads etc. It’s SO GOOD!

With our green smoothie recipe you'll learn how to easily take in large amounts of dark greens with one quick and delicious drink. Your body will love you!

Make your own junk food meals from scratch

Making any meal from scratch can immediately make it healthier. Processed foods tend to contain add sugars, added salts and chemicals to make them taste better and to preserve them. As a result many of the pizzas and burgers that you buy in the shop are a lot more unhealthy than they need to be. One of the coolest things about a plant based diet is you can make the most delectable desserts imaginable that are full of live nutrients. Check out a few below! Many more are on our Recipe Page.

Healthy Cookie Dough Recipe
You won't believe how delicious this healthy cookie dough recipe is. And it tastes JUST LIKE THE REAL THING except its good for you! (Printable Recipe)

Healthy Apple Nachos Supreme RecipeOur delicious Apple Nachos Supreme dessert recipe is perfect for parties, movie night or a healthy snack for kids. Includes our fabulous date caramel sauce!

Healthy No-Bake Cookies (No heat too!)blank630x20


Educate yourself on the nutritional benefits of healthy food

It’s a fact that what we eat is the cause of much of our disease and health conditions. Its been proven and accepted that a plant based or vegan diet is the best all around. Knowledge can help you get the motivation to eat better bit by bit. Below are some phenomenal books and videos by doctors on the topic of our diet and what its doing to us and how we can prevent and even heal many diseases in a short time with simple diet changes. FYI read one personal story of how our son cured the incurable with diet and exercise change.

How Our Son Cured the Incurable


Excellent Books & Videos


Live long and prosper my friends!

Making Healthy Food Even More Delicious! These ideas can make a plant based vegan diet even more scrumptous. Free seasonal produce printable!


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