Make Life More Comfortable

Life is pretty awesome despite it's ups and downs. However, many of the "downs" can be eased.  Here are a few general ideas to make life more comfortable!

Life is mean’t to be joyful and fun which is important considering all of us only get one shot at it! It’s filled with opportunities to learn and grow and for some reason it can be the more uncomfortable things that we learn the most from. Other things that cause discomfort, however, can be prevented or alleviated.  Below are a few general ideas on how to alleviate some of the general uncomfortable things many of us deal with as move along our journey.  Even small things can be a huge impact on our life!

Get Control of Your Thinking

Our thoughts have a huge impact on how we feel. As science has shown they can even make us ill. This is one reason mindfulness is such a big topic. It’s all about quieting the mind and living in the moment. Animals and children do it naturally. I learned this and wrote about it in How I Gained Perspective From a Two Year Old.   If you struggle with constant unwanted thoughts there are some things you to do to stop them. EMDR is a proven method many professionals use but you can also do it at home. You can learn how to use this simple method in our article “Heal Depression and Free Yourself From Emotional Suffering”  It’s safe, free and easy!

Natural Pain Relief

Besides mental pain, physical pain is big problem for many. Depending on the level, many use over the counter things such as ibuprofen and other painkillers to help. However, those are hard on the body and liver if taken too often. Luckily there are now more natural things available to help.  CBD Oil, marijuana and Kratom have literally saved peoples lives in a variety of ways but are wonderful for pain relief. As more and more states are legalizing marijuana due to its health and healing benefits it’s becoming more of an option for many. CBD Oil can be purchased locally or online from sources such as CBDA oil.  This would be a perfect thing to try first if you have pain that is chronic.  Another wonderful choice is the herb Kratom.   Not only are you lessening your risk of long term organ damage, but you are also eco-chic. Natural pain relief can also prevent you from building an intolerance to medicines that you may later need. Check out the links below to read more on Kratom and CBD oil.

Kratom For Natural Pain Relief And Much More!Looking for a natural pain relief supplement that is safe and actually works?  The herb Kratom could be the answer to your prayers for pain and much more.


A Quick Guide To CBD Oil For Pain, Anxiety And More!

Get Moving!

We all know how important exercise is for overall mental and physical health. However, it doesn’t need to be intense to benefit you. Taking walks several times a week can help tremendously especially outdoors. Beleive it or not going barefoot on the ground has proven benefits. You can read about that  in Why Going Barefoot is Best!

If you struggle to find clarity and inner peace, the answers can be as close as the nearest park, trail or field. Learn how to find peace in nature.

Having a Purpose

German philosopher Immanuel Kant said that there are three rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for. Having a purpose is so important to a fulfilling happy and comfortable life. Find something you love that gives you purpose and life takes on new meaning. Check out our Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit if you need some incentive!

It's 2020 and goal setting has never been easier! This is our 5th edition of our free & popular Casual Resolutions Kit with new ideas, theme and quotations!

Life is pretty awesome despite it's ups and downs. However, many of the "downs" can be eased.  Here are a few general ideas to make life more comfortable!

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