Stop Your Dogs Destructive Behavior

Even the best of dogs can be naughty at times. Check out our tips and ideas on how to Stop Your Dogs Destructive Behavior and what might be causing it.

It’s common for dogs to display destructive behavior as puppies, often chewing anything and everything that they can find. This is something that can usually be trained out of young dogs – or they may simply grow out of this habit once they stop teething. Some dogs however can continue to show destructive tendencies as adults. Here are just a few of the main causes and what you can do to stop your dog’s behavior in each case.

Potty Training

Sometimes bad behavior is just a matter of proper training. We’ve got a great post with printable on How to Potty Train a Dog to use a Bell and How to Make one.

We'll show you how to potty train a dog or puppy to easily ring a bell when they need to go out. We've also got a great tutorial on how to make the bell!


Dogs may chew on things when they are in pain. If your dog was previously well-behaved and has randomly started resorting to destructive behavior, this could be the cause. Such pain could be a toothache or another form of pain that is making them agitated. Taking your dog to the vet could help to diagnose this pain. A doctor will usually be able to recommend pain relief. You could also try using dental dog chews as offered by Dentalife if you feel this is the problem.

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Some dogs can start destroying your home out of boredom. They may not feel they are getting enough attention or they may not have enough toys to play with. Certain breeds are naturally more hyperactive and so may need more to keep them occupied. You can prevent this type of destructive behavior by offering your dog more stimulation. Some dog breeds need lots of exercise to keep them stimulated – you may need to up your dog’s walks in these cases. A good selection of toys at home can also reduce boredom. Try rotating toys so that your dog doesn’t get too familiar with the same ones hanging around all the time.

Our own pup had an issue of boredom. Did some damage to a favorite chair! We solved the issue but then had to repair the chair. Which we did. Ü

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Stress can also cause dogs to take up destructive behavior. This could be separation anxiety or other fears such as a change of environment. In this situation, you should focus on ways of calming your dog. Herbal treats as offered by Tempo & Tails may be able to relieve some of the anxiety. You can also use calming scents in your home such as lavender and chamomile. Toys may also be able to counter destructive behavior caused by stress. Don’t forget to give your pup lots of walks and exercise as these can go far to alleviating built up stress.


Dogs can also chew furniture and clothes when they’re hungry. If your dog is on a calorie-restricted diet they may be pining for food. If you can’t up their food intake, consider offering more toys. Bones could also help to satisfy some of their food craving by offering something flavored to chew on.

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Even the best of dogs can be naughty at times. Check out our tips and ideas on how to Stop Your Dogs Destructive Behavior and what might be causing it.


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