Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019 : Create a Life You Love

Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019

This is our fourth year of doing our popular Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit. Every  year it’s updated with new ideas and inspiration. This year’s is extra special and I’m quite proud of it. If I’m honest, I create these for myself. Then I share them with you.  This past year has been particularly challenging for me so I really needed some inspiration and perspective in order to take what I learned and move forward into the future with hope and happiness! This little kit helps do that without creating a sense of stress or urgency… which I don’t know about you, but I want less of that in my life.  I don’t believe we need another “list” of stuff to try and get done. We need things that inspire us in joy to make positive choices in a way we can handle it. Even if you decide to do something and don’t do…  no guilt allowed! Life is ever changing as are our needs and capabilities.  We need to do what we can and forget about the rest.

I’m inserting a tag line for this and future years. This year’s is  “Create a Life You Love”.  This year we also have two quotes instead of just one. The first is one that I found particularly empowering for myself: “She created a life she loved.” (And a “he” version.) The second is by Emerson: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”  Both embrace self-empowerment. We create the life we want and hopefully this little kit will help you on that journey in some way.

This fun kit has all you need to get you going on your goal setting. You can punch holes in the appropriate pages and place them in a thin binder or put it in a colorful folder. You can also stick the calendar on the fridge or wherever you like.

Our kit has printables to keep your goals fun and stress free! Remember: The goal setting choices you make are things you’d like to accomplish during the year. Those might change as the year progresses or you simply might not accomplish some at the end. If that’s the case, no big deal. Feel good about what you do accomplish and let the rest go, because there’s always next year!  Also, feel free to change goals or add more when needed. We tried to find unique ones for our kit as everyone know the standards.

If you didn’t grab this already our Motivational Quote Kit with ten free quotes and a DIY display stand DIY might be fun to make for added inspiration. Also check out our Burning Bowl Ceremony post and Spicy Black-Eyed Peas A Delicious Bit of  Luck.  The start of a new year is also a great time to start a Family Time Capsule.


Goal Setting Extra Ideas

Instructions For New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Download and print out the kit. You can hang the pages on the fridge or place them in a binder with your other sheets.
  • Decide what you would like to work on. Use our Idea list if you need some inspiration.
  • Write down things on your calendar that you would enjoy doing. Choose things you will look forward to and truly want to do or learn.
  • Use the Objective Planner sheet to formulate your ideas and plan for your goals. You can use one sheet per goal.
  • Have fun! This is about the journey and enjoying it. Add or remove items from your list if desired as you go through the year.

Casual Resolutions Kit Download


Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019

You can place the pages in a notebook and glue one of the quotes to the front, or you can hang all or some of them on the fridge etc.

Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019

There are two versions of each quote for framing. 5×7 and 8×10

Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019 Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019

Casual Resolutions Goal Setting Kit 2019


  1. Sheema Harris

    Hi Nancy! Oh my, I just happened to stumble across your site while trolling through Pinterest and I absolutely love, love, love all your neat ideas! I can hardly wait to make some of the Halloween crafty things with my 5 year old granddaughter next weekend.

    Just wondering if you will be sharing your 20/20 Goal Setting guide? I really like the ones you have posted for the last couple of years.

    Keep up all your neat, positive and happy ideas and all the best in 2020!

    Stay Happy and Well!

    1. Nancy Author

      Hello Sheema!
      I’m so happy you found our site! Glad to hear it inspires you. The Casual Resolutions Goal setting kit will be updated every year so you can expect one for 2020.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Glad you’re here!

  2. Maria L Wolfgang

    Wow, thank u so much for all the wonderful ideas u have provided. Also all your great tutorials. I really appreciate them. God bless u and your family. Hope the New Year brings u much success . So hope u are having a good New Years Eve with those u love.
    Again thank u


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