Great Ideas on How to Refresh Your Walls

The walls in your home should reflect you. If you'd like to refresh your walls we've got some great ideas for you!

If you plan on refreshing your walls, picking the right wall décor is crucial. Empty walls provide you with plenty of endless possibilities. Adding some décor can help your house feel like a home. Therefore, if you are ready to make your home warm and lovely, keep reading. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can apply to your walls to amp them up.

Amazing Vinyl Tree Wall Decor

Have an Accent Wall

Decorating the walls themselves should be the first thing you think of doing. Creating accent walls is simple, and you don’t have to buy plenty of materials. Besides, you can try out bright colors to know whether the walls are bold enough. Furthermore, you can create some unique patterns to add more detail after finding the perfect paint color.

You can add patterns through stenciling, wallpaper, or any other decorative paint techniques. At times, it might be beneficial to work on the ceiling as well. This can provide you with a cool space to have fun. When painting a wall, make sure to do multiple layers. You’ll have to wait for each layer to dry before applying a new one, so to pass the time while waiting, you can play online games at

Family Time Zone Wall

Go Green

Most people with plants around their homes prefer having them by the windows or outside. However, these aren’t the only options to work with if you love plants. You can try hanging these plants on the wall using some wall-mounted planters. This can help you add some greenery to your space. Besides, having plants on your walls can help provide you with cleaner air in your home.

If you plan on adding some nature to your walls, you need to know whether you need real plants or faux options. Real plants will require frequent watering and care. If this isn’t in your nature, you should consider looking for some high-quality faux plants. They resemble the real options, and they won’t require any watering or care.

A Touch of Gold DIY Planters

Use Large Scale Art

Adding oversized photographs or paintings can help command some attention in your house. If you have a small space, these oversized pieces of art can help set the tone. The ideal options will include black and white photos if you want to have minimalist space. On the other hand, you can choose abstract pieces to add some color and vibrance.

When looking for unique artistic content, look online for some ideas. Here, you can come across different types of art that can work with your wall. Besides, if this isn’t what you would prefer, you can have large pictures of your family on these walls. It can help occupy the space while making your walls look better.

DIY Lightning Bolt Wall Decor

The Bottom Line

Working on your walls can be an exciting experience. You get to use different colors and try out the best options to make your home feel lively. Using these ideas can save you time and plenty of money. Besides, it can enable you to dictate the mood you would like to set within different areas of the house.


The walls in your home should reflect you. If you'd like to refresh your walls we've got some great ideas for you!

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