Whimsical Living Room #8 : Family Time Zone Wall

Whimsical Living Room Family Time Zone Wall blank630x20

I had a rogue wall in my living room. It was a spot that nothing seemed to fit well. It was also left out of the original makeover sketches my daughter  Jennifer had sent over and hence it was the last thing to be completed. I had a big mirror hanging there but that seemed pretty blasé compared to the rest of the room. Jenny had an idea come to her and sent me yet another sketch.  It was a clock for each child set to the timezone where they lived.  Score!  I printed some fun photos of all of us, bought some $1 frames at the dollar store, spray painted them then hung them up. I printed names and states to put under each. This wall gives me a feeling of connection to my kids, none of which are currently living close to us.

Family Time Zone Wall a1

Family Time Zone Wall 2

Roy and I are at the center… of course. Family Time Zone Wall 3

Family Time Zone Wall 4




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