19th Wedding Anniversary Theme Ideas

If you wish to make your spouse as happy as possible and shower them with the perfect gift for your 19th wedding anniversary, here are some inspiring ideas!photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Marriage is one of the most significant and complex of all human relations, and the place your spouse occupies in your life is beyond comparison. Over the years, your relationship with your partner deepens and strengthens, and the celebration of wedding anniversaries honors the love and commitment you and your companion share. At times, brainstorming gift ideas for wedding anniversaries can be a difficult task, especially if you have been married for a long period of time as most of the obvious gifts have already been presented throughout the years.  As you near the milestone of being married for two whole decades, the preceding anniversaries tend to be overshadowed, but your 19th wedding anniversary is just as important and deserving of celebration.

To help you figure out the perfect gift for your 19th wedding anniversary, here are some wondrous and inspiring ideas. You can mix and match some of the themes, or you can go with the one perfect gift depending on the preferences and likings of your loved one. Whether they like artsy gifts or thoughtful traditional ones or gifts with a personal touch, you’ll surely find something to your liking here!

  1. Select a Traditional Gift

As the 19th wedding anniversary is right before the 20-year mark, it is one of those years that are not associated with any specific symbol or theme. Even though there are no specific materials that are linked with the 19th anniversary, it still is one of the important events for a married couple, and there are some traditional links that are associated with the 19th year of marriage. These traditional links can be the perfect way to celebrate your special day by showing your appreciation and love for your significant other. Traditional gifts are not only a testament to the sanctity and significance of marriage, but they also represent the thoughtfulness and care of the giver.

One of the popular traditional gifts given to couples for their 19th wedding anniversary is bronze, and there are numerous creative ways you can incorporate bronze materials into your perfect present. There are a number of materials made from bronze that you can select, the most popular of which are bronze statuettes for your home or garden. The statuettes are available in different sizes and shapes, which allows you to select one that is suitable for your spouse. Not only is this a gift that will last a lifetime, but it is also an amazing way to encapsulate the enduring love between you and your partner.

There are also traditional bronze dinnerware and serving pieces which are perfect for someone who loves serving food in aesthetic and classic dishes. A bronze set would be the ideal thoughtful gift for your loved one who cherishes the touch of traditional materials. If you are looking for someone with more of a personal touch, bronze plaques inscribed with the couples’ names are a great option. The plaque can also have the anniversary date and a special message for your partner to commemorate your long-standing love and commitment. Another way to personalize the gift would be to encase an heirloom or another item that has significance to your loved one in bronze, surprising and impressing your partner with the thoughtfulness of the gift that will preserve your exceptional memories for a lifetime. Bronze materials are the best way to symbolize the tough, resilient, and durable relationship the two of you have cultivated over the years.

  1. Choose the Perfect Jewelry

If your partner loves accessorizing, then jewelry is the ideal gift. Jewelry is surely a deeply personal gift that will remind your significant other how thoughtful and attentive you are whenever they wear it. The perfect piece of jewelry will be the one that your partner will find exquisite and timeless, and you are the best person to assess what type of watch, ring, bracelet, or necklace will suit your partner’s style.

In keeping with the traditional theme, you can give them jewelry made from bronze, which will capture your love with an old-world appeal. You can go with a pair of bronze cufflinks, which could be engraved with both of your initials, or an elegant bronze broach, depending on your partner’s preference. A fashionable bronze necklace coupled with a pair of striking bronze earrings or bronze bracelets would also be an impressive 19th-anniversary gift for her. Bronze bangles or keyrings are also some elegant options. If you are looking for something more flashy than bronze, then perhaps the gemstone aquamarine would be the way to go. Traditionally associated with 19 years of marriage, this stunningly blue gemstone reflecting the color of the sea is a gorgeous gift that can be set into a pendant, bracelet, or pair of earrings.

  1. Pick the Best Floral Arrangement

Flowers are a popular gift for any occasion, and everyone loves receiving flowers, be it their birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary. Not only are flowers captivating, meaningful, and sentimental, but they are also a budget-friendly gift that holds special significance. While flowers perfectly pair well with any other gift, an elaborate bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note or letter is a thoughtful and gracious present.

As there are no specific flower blossoms associated with the 19th wedding anniversary, you are free to pick flowers from a wide array of blooms. You can go with a “simple but elegant”  bouquet or a “wild and eclectic” one depending on the kind your partner would treasure. A bouquet incorporating magnificent red roses, the flower that symbolizes love, can never go amiss in showing your love and affection for your spouse.

  1. Go With Bronze Colored Gifts

The bronze theme can be integrated into any 19th wedding anniversary gift as it is not only an elegant metal but also an attractive color. You can choose from a huge range of bronze-colored items,  from handbags to purses to wallets to shoes to decorative plates and wall art, you can find the best gift that matches your partner’s preference.

  1. Choose a Sentimental Gift

If you are looking for gifts that are more personal and hold a special significance, then you can go for gifts that reflect your passion and ardor for each other. You can opt for a classy photo frame that showcases a meaningful moment you shared, or you can get a digital photo frame that displays unlimited images to encapture the ocean of memories you have. You can also gift them a customized painting or a poster as a thoughtful memento of your first date, your engagement, or your wedding day. A personalized journal or photo album is also a good option for a gift that will make your partner nostalgic and emotional on your special day.

  1. Go for an Adventure

If your partner loves date nights, activities, and the outdoors, then surprising them with an adventurous night might be the perfect way to celebrate your memorable day. You can take them out to a fancy restaurant that serves their favorite dishes, then take them to a museum, an art gallery, a carnival, a play, or to the movies, in accordance with their likings. You can end the night by getting drinks at your favorite bar or by taking them dancing if they are into it.  You can also plan for a romantic getaway by going on a fun road trip or spending the night in a cozy bed and breakfast.

  1. Some Simple Gift Ideas

The best gifts are those that are tailored to your partner’s liking and wants, so allow yourself a moment to consider your loved one’s likes and dislikes. Do they like to read or paint or sing? What is their favorite color? Is there anything that is on their wishlist to buy?

If they are fond of reading, a leather-bound hardcover of their favorite work of literature paired with a personalized bookmark might be the ideal gift. Artistic stationery or color sets would be perfect for someone who loves to paint. A collection of vinyl records is an amazing way to surprise a music enthusiast. You can also cook them their favorite meal, arrange the table with flowers and candles, and enjoy your anniversary in the privacy of your home if your spouse would appreciate that gesture.     Often, simple and thoughtful gifts are the best way to show the ones we love how much we cherish them.


The celebration of anniversaries is an age-old tradition that has withstood the test of time, symbolizing the endurance of love and commitment. The significance of this important date grows with each passing year, and you and your partner deserve to celebrate your 19th wedding anniversary remarkably and uniquely.

If you wish to make your spouse as happy as possible and shower them with the perfect gift for your 19th wedding anniversary, here are some inspiring ideas!Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

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