Why Silliness Is Key To a Great Marriage

Why Silliness is Key To a Good Marriage
Roy and I 1976

If I had to pick one thing that I’d attribute to my ongoing 37 year love affair with my husband, it would be humor. Yes, other traits are just as important, but humor is the thing that sticks out first and foremost to me. It has helped us through some dark times and kept us in a youthful state of mind. Our bond has grown stronger through the years and a big part of that is our ability to laugh at ourselves, each other and to have fun together.

The research is in on the subject: People with a sense of humor have less illness and stress. Laughing releases chemical endorphins into the body that uplift mood, ease pain and reduce blood pressure. It also activates T-Cells which kick in your immune system.  Laughter can immediately defuse negative energy in an otherwise tense situation and it keeps our outlook positive by putting things into perspective, which is why it’s so important in relationships.

Rope, Spitwads & Aliens (aka Making Memories)

Silly memories are some of the best. Roy loves to tell the story of when we’d just started dating and I went to his work and  tied a huge rope all around his car every direction. That was in 1976. He just told that story again to someone last week!  A more recent one he shares is when he was falling asleep in the living room chair while we were talking so I started shooting spit wads at him. Our daughter Amy joined  me and by the time he woke he was covered in them. That was 2006.

One of my own memories is from 2008. I was away from home for a couple of days and I got an email from Roy saying that our house had been invaded by aliens. He attached photos to prove it. Read that full story here.

The memories that come from the crazy things couples do for each other can be some of the most powerful because they symbolize the spirit of the relationship.  Just thinking about them makes us smile and we love sharing them with others as they prove how much we are loved and how awesome our partner is.



blank300x23The Time is Now

Before the day is over think of some small thing you can do to make your partner smile or laugh.  Below are some suggestions to bring more humor, silliness and fun into your relationship. If you don’t have enough humor in your life, change it! The more you practice and surround yourself with fun and laughter the easier it becomes until its a natural part of your life.

blank300x23Ideas To Get You Laughing

These suggestions were chosen to encourage having fun and laughing together.  NOTE: If any of these things sound way too immature, your totally missing the point.

  1. Watch funny movies or shows together.
  2. Watch stand up comedians together.
  3. Set a goal to share one new joke with each other every week.
  4. Grab some things in the bookstore humor area and read to each other.
  5. Have a game night where you play a fun board game together. You can even do it with friends. (Crimes Against Humanity sticks out as a good choice.)
  6. Be playfully teasing with each other.
  7. Get over inhibitions and do something silly. Make faces, walk funny, do some slap stick.
  8. Always look for the humor in a situation.
  9. Whisper naughty things to your mate that makes them giggle.
  10. Have a tickle fight.
  11. Play twister together.
  12. Hang out with funny friends.
  13. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  14. Play a fun video game together. (Roy and I play World of Warcraft.)
  15. Ride go carts together.
  16. Do the hokey pokey.
  17. Go to a park and play on the swings and slide.
  18. Have a silly string fight.
  19. Play laser tag.
  20. Have a water, snowball or pillow fight.
  21. Act out a scene from a movie.
  22. Learn to juggle.
  23. Have a bubble gum blowing contest.
  24. Have a burping contest.


Humor should NEVER be hurtful. When teasing or jokes are done to embarrass or annoy the purpose has been totally defeated. Always be aware of others and never do things that would make anyone uncomfortable. Be sensitive and use good judgment.

Laughter has amazing positive effects on the body in a variety of ways! Best of all its FREE!


Meet Roy & Nancy, A couple who has been married 37 years and shares with you some of their secrets to an incredibly strong and loving relationship, the biggest one of which is having a sense of humor! You can’t help but giggle when you read some of the things they’ve done. Being silly is NOT just for kids and can do wonders for couples!


More Silliness

Roy and I tend to have a regular stream of craziness going on at our house. I share many of these on my personal Facebook. So many people have enjoyed and commented on them I decided to create a special Pinterest board entitled Roy Loves Nancy: Our Crazy Life full of our antics. Feel free to drop by!

Roy Loves Nancy - On Pinterest


  1. Danielle

    What a great lesson. I agree with you whole-heartedly. I’ve only been married for two years, but have always had a great sense of humor in common. When we fight or argue, all one of us has to do is crack a quick joke and pretty much everything is forgotten. Second to a sense of humor is a short memory in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! Laughter is so important in a marriage. I love that you have your own pinterest board for your crazy life, I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing at Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday, I hope you will join us again this week 🙂

  3. I so love this post! I hate it when people say marriage is “hard work”, because it is so incredibly easy to take delight in each other!

    Although, if my husband sent me alien photos, I would be a widow 😉

    1. Nancy Author

      Thank you SO much Jill! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love how you put that it’s “incredibly easy to take delight in each other!” What a beautiful way to word it and its so true. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. Ü

  4. I’ve been married less than a year, but I agree SO much with this! My husband and I love being silly together. It’s one of my favorite parts about our relationship. Thanks for reassuring me that we can stay this way!

    via Inspiration Spotlight link-up

    1. Nancy Author

      First off congratulations! If you two can be silly together that will go far to building a strong relationship. Your very much off to a good start! Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. Ü

  5. Pinterest Addicted

    This is a great post. I love how your husband not only told you about an alien invasion but he went through the effort to prove it haha. My man is goofy to the max! That is one of the many reasons why I love him, he is never boring. I like how you added a list of things to do to keep the silliness up. I am the more serious one and I need to find more ways to be silly too!


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