How To Cope With Self Isolating

The most important thing people can do in a global pandemic is to self isolate whether they are sick or not. Here are some ideas to help you cope. With the current situation meaning most of the modern world is in a state of uncertainty and the practice of social distancing becoming the new norm for the foreseeable future… It makes sense that most of us are struggling to figure out this new way of living and we’ll probably be coming up against new obstacles and situations we’ve never experienced before. In this new era of staying home and making sure we’re all as well and healthy as possible, what changes can we make in our lives to help get us through this period of uncertainty, while still living as fully as possible, even if we can’t do what we’re most used to doing? There’s no escaping the fact that staying at home opens up time you can utilize in so many ways you couldn’t in your previously normal day to day life.

Learn A New Hobby

Can you use this time to teach yourself a new skill or take up a new hobby? Absolutely! There are so many things you can learn – maybe you have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do. There are many places online where you can find tutorials and learning guides. With so many websites offering free trials or 30 day free access or even videos on YouTube you can finally get around to starting that new hobby.

If you need some suggestions on new hobbies. Some basics ideas are below along with links on our site FILLED with ideas!

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Think Outside The Box

Missing your regular activities? Why not look for creative ways around the issue so you can retain some semblance of normalcy in your life. Hold a tiny gathering with neighbors, maintaining a healthy social distance of course, so you can see each other and talk but remain out of harm’s way. You can even do this while each of you stay in your own yards, but are close enough to carry on an enjoyable conversation. Look at how you can Skype or group chat online with family members on a regular basis and use this to help your kids have ‘playdates’ with their friends. This can be a lonely and isolating time so helping them to see their friends will be a great way to keep their spirits up, and you too if you do the same with your friends. Missing your book club? Again use video calls to keep the group together so you can still keep up with your group activities. There are still ways you can socialize without having to meet up with them face to face.

Online Interactions

Being at home all the time can be lonely, there is no disputing that. It makes sense that people would turn to chat rooms and groups and other forms of socializing online. There is comfort in knowing that you are not alone and the internet has its positive side when it comes to being able to connect people in a way that nothing else can. If you are lonely and looking for love, you could sign up to one of the many dating sites online and browse a little until it’s once again safe to venture out. Or how about getting a free psychic reading and finding out what your future holds? Head to all of the social media sites to find groups you can join for like-minded people – maybe you can find a group that focuses on that new hobby you have been looking at taking up! Or search for your local neighborhood groups online or on social media to help you connect with others in your local area.


Can you do anything at home to help other people out? Even something small could have a hugely positive impact on another person’s life. Check in on your elderly neighbors – pop a note through their door. If they can’t leave the home right now, maybe you could pick them up some shopping, gift them a book or a jigsaw puzzle or simply write them a letter to let them know someone cares about them. This is a great idea for your local nursing home too. At a time like this, even  magazines from anyone outside their closed environment would be a welcome distraction in their day and provide comfort to others who are feeling especially lonely right now.

As the world changes, so must we… and we can make it meaningful and even fun. If we’re able, we can extend some of our means to those less fortunate.  We can present a virtual shoulder of kindness to others that in turn helps them look for the positives in this situation until the time comes where we can all get back to our normal ways of living.


The most important thing people can do in a global pandemic is to self isolate whether they are sick or not. Here are some ideas to help you cope.

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