Where's Your Light? Help When You Struggle to See the Good.

Sometimes we look around us and get discouraged by all the bad stuff we see. This little tale can change your struggle and perspective in a big way.blank630x20

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the bad things you see going on in the world, this little story might be of benefit. Sometimes a small thing happens and it has a huge impact on you. This was one of those things for me.

Roy and I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible people during our married life. One of these was a man named David Whitmer. I forget the exact circumstances that led us to be introduced to him but we immediately realized he was special and so we invited him over to our home for a visit. He and his wife were spiritual people and tried to live, as Roy and I do, by intuition. We talked about many things that night and gained some incredible insight but there was one story David told us that I’ve never forgotten.




avid said that one night he had a dream that Jesus came to visit him. He walked into his living room and they both sat down on his couch and talked casually about all kinds of things like they were old friends. After a while David started expressing his discouragement to Jesus about how there was so much evil and darkness in the world. It made it difficult to feel like you could make any difference. Jesus replied “David, the world’s not filled with darkness. It’s filled with light everywhere you go!” David answered, “No it’s not. There is darkness everywhere!” Jesus said, “Well, show it to me.”

Where's Your Light. furniture-158725_1280David thought a second and thinking he would be clever in quickly proving his point he leaned over the back of the couch and pointed down behind it saying “See? There’s darkness back here!” Jesus sat up and leaned over the back of the couch next to David and peered down behind it and as he did the darkness behind the couch disappeared as light filled up the space. Jesus said “I don’t see any darkness.” David, being a little flustered, quickly got up, laid down on the floor and looked underneath the couch. He pointed beneath it and said “See! There’s darkness under here!” Jesus laid down on the floor head to head with David and looked under the couch. As he did the space filled with light and Jesus said “I don’t see any darkness.”

Exasperated David sat up and exclaimed, “That’s not fair! You’re bringing your own light with you!” Jesus looked at David with kind eyes and calmly said, “Why aren’t you?”

That simple tale left Roy and I speechless for a few seconds. All these years later it still gives me goosebumps.

There’s a truth within the story for everyone and its not about religion or beliefs. It’s about our perception and ability to make a difference in our surroundings. No matter what the situation is we can contribute negativity, discouragement, judgement, or anger… or we can contribute peace, happiness, joy and hope. We just need to remember we have this ability and choose to do it.

I bet you’ve known someone who can literally light up a room when they walk in. It’s because of that persons character and how they carry themselves. They do not judge, they do not have anger. They do not force their opinions or beliefs on others. They simply bring in light and everyone can’t help but feel it. That’s what this is about in its purest form.

So the next time you get discouraged and struggle with all the bad stuff you see going on around you, try to recall this little tale. Remember that you have the ability to metaphorically shine “light” on anything. And this light can not only change your view of the world around you, it can change how others view it too. That’s how we make a difference.


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