Some Helps for the New Year Blues

Though many find a new year exciting and filled with new possibilities, many experience the opposite affect. Learn some helps for the New Year blues!It’s completely natural to feel a bit down in the dumps every now and then, but when it comes to seasonal mood swings, January takes the lead as the bluest month of the year. Although January the 21st was deemed Blue Monday this year, the January blues can last for several weeks and for some people they even creep into February. 

What are the January Blues?

The January Blues, also sometimes called the Holiday Blues, is a name given to the sadness that many people feel in the weeks following the Christmas holidays. The decorations come down, our bank accounts may be looking a bit worse for wear, the temperature is still cold and the weather is still gloomy, we’re back to work and the festive cheer seems well and truly over – sigh. So what can we do to make ourselves feel better? 

Plan Things to look forward too

One of the reasons why people experience January Blues is that they are mourning the end of the holidays, so one way to make yourself feel better is to plan something else to look forward to. Some things you could consider include, a weekend trip away, a takeaway night in, a spa day to yourself or even something such as treating yourself to a new book. Whatever it is, put it in your diary and enjoy the countdown.

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Eat More Fruits, Veggies & Grains 

Many are unaware of just how much what we eat effects not only our body, but our minds. Throughout the festive period, a lot of us will have filled up on delicious but unhealthy holiday treats that can make us feel very sluggish. If you haven’t already, then now is the time to ensure that your eating a nice variety of fruits and vegetables to help give you body the nutrients and energy it needs to battle through the long, cold days of January. Fruits and vegetables don’t need to be boring, try making hearty stews and soups that will warm you from the inside out. Being a vegan and plant based eater for a decade now I can assure your a vegan diet can be delicious! 

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Get Outdoors

When it comes to feeling blue, studies have found that simply going for a walk outside can help to lift your spirits. It’s also one of the BEST exercises you can do. Even if it is cold, rainy and dark, getting some fresh air can in your lungs and getting your heart rate up slightly can make you feel a little better. If possible though, do try to go for a walk in the day when the sun is shining so that its glowing rays can give you a dose of vitamin D.


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Work on Moving More

Although walking is one way to improve your mood, any form of exercise will help to boost your mood by releasing happy chemicals called endorphins. These happy chemicals make you feel good and will give you more energy. If you don’t fancy leaving your house then try an online Yoga tutorial, or spend half an hour doing a HIIT workout with Joe Wicks. Or if you do want to get outside then download the Couch to 5K app for some motivation in your ears while you job. If none of that sounds very appealing, then you may need to spice up your exercise routine altogether by trying a new sport such as bouldering, acro yoga or ultimate frisbee.

Supplements Can Help

Sometimes a low mood can be caused by a hormonal imbalance which is why some women experience a low mood around the time of their period or during menopause. St. Johns Wort is one of the leading herbal supplements used to help correct hormonal imbalances and so it’s worth giving it a try if you feel your hormones are responsible for you feeling blue. You’ll find St. Johns Wort and a range of other mood-boosting vitamins at retailers such as Blue Sky Vitamin

find the source of your sadness


Finally, although all of the above should help, do make sure that you sit down and try to find out why you feel blue. Are you short on money? Do you miss your family? Are you feeling sluggish and overweight? Whatever it may be, once you have found the route of the problem, you can begin to create a solution. If you are short on money then sit down and create yourself a savings plan and feel the weight lift off your shoulders. If you miss your family then pick up the phone and talk to them and plan another visit to look forward to. If you are feeling sluggish and overweight then fill your fridge with healthy groceries and commit to a health kick to get back in shape.


Though many find a new year exciting and filled with new possibilities, many experience the opposite affect. Learn some helps for the New Year blues!

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