Common Health Conditions Women Face

Information on common health conditions woman experience along with ideas on what you can do! Includes Hot flashes, Bartholin Cysts and more.

Both men and women have their own health concerns as they grow older. Many of the illnesses in society, both genders face but in different ways. Men and women don’t have the exact same immune system and our body structures are different also. This means that we will feel health concerns at different times in our lives. To gain a better understanding of your own body and what you can expect as you get older, let’s focus purely on women’s conditions. But that is something you must understand, that men’s bodies and health system are not the same as a woman’s. Most women don’t know that for almost two decades, the amount of funding for women’s health issues has skyrocketed. Modern medicine and cutting edge treatments equate to having the highest survival chances of even the most dangerous and aggressive diseases. Don’t admit defeat just yet, you’re not going to be experiencing all these conditions if you live a healthy life. Much of chronic pain or disease is felt by people with poor lifestyle choices. FYI Check out our Natural Pain Relief post for a safe alternative that works.


Understanding CVD

Although men do suffer more from cardiovascular disease, women are susceptible to it too. In fact, it’s one of the most common causes of death in all age groups over 40. Women can take some positive steps to understand what their up against and what symptoms they should be looking out for. Cardiovascular disease isn’t just to do with the heart itself but includes the various systems around it too.

The most common reasons for developing CVD is a poor lifestyle. A very poor diet, rich in carbohydrates and fatty foods is quite clearly going to impact your heart. However, smoking is also going to impact your lungs, arteries and heart quite rapidly. Alcohol abuse is another, as many alcoholic drinks are complex carbs and chemicals that are harmful to your organs. Inactivity is also a major cause of CVD. Inflammatory conditions can also cause the onset of CVD. Depression and stress add their own troubles to the mix and can also cause CVD. Diabetes is another very common cause of cardiovascular disease.

  • To try and prevent any of these conditions leading your body toward an unhealthy end, follow these guidelines.
  • Do not take up smoking or if you have, find a way to quit. Get whatever help you need and research all the over-the-counter treatments that are available to you.
  • Get active, stop putting off exercising and make it a part of your daily routine. Go running, cycling, swimming or just perform aerobics in your living room for 20 minutes a day.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol to one glass of wine every couple of days.
  • It may be difficult but you need to stick to your diabetes diet and medicine to keep your heart happy and healthy
  • Find a hobby that you love doing, something that takes you away from everyday life to relieve stress.

The second bigger killer

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world when it comes to chronic diseases. However, right behind it is cancer. Cancer is a group of complex diseases but they all have the same effect on your body. For women, the largest concern is breast cancer. It’s the most common form of cancer that affects women. The earlier it’s detected the better the chance you have of surviving and your body reacting well to treatment. It’s incredibly important that you sign yourself up for regular checkups and screenings if you’re over the age of 40. Perform self-checks as well by moving your hand and fingers over your breasts. Search for any lumps or hard tissue which could be signs of breast cancer.

  • Educate yourself on what the risk factors may be and what they include.
  • Smoking again is making the list of things to avoid. Not only does it affect your respiratory system but it can damage your breast tissue.
  • Always double check your family history to see if anyone else in your gene pool had breast cancer.
  • As you age, cancers of all kinds become more and more of a risk factor.
  • Alcohol abuse is also something you must avoid.
  • A lack of exercise and obesity can also cause breast cancer.

There are always options of expert breast cancer treatment if you find yourself with this disease. This proton therapy will start off with your doctor performing a check on your breasts to find and identify any anomalies. You’ll also be receiving a mammogram which is an X-ray of the breasts, used to identify lumps. If something is found then you’ll also be given a breast biopsy. This is when the doctor or a surgeon removes a small part of the breast tissue to further examine what it could be. Aside from these modern treatment options, as mentioned, if you perform self-check you stand a high chance of catching it early on.

Below the radar risk

Many men with testicular cancer are shocked when they hear the news that they have been diagnosed with the disease. It’s a hidden risk, something that wanders closer below the radar. The same goes for women with ovarian cancer. The cancer of the ovaries is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. The ovaries are quite small and located just below the tummy line. They’re connected to the womb and their job is to store the woman’s egg supply. It must be said that ovarian cancer mainly affects women that have gone through menopause so it’s usually only going to affect women over 50.

Some of the symptoms are as follows.
Despite not eating much at all, you still feel bloated or full.
If you find yourself needing to go to the bathroom to urinate more often than normal.
A slightly swollen tummy and quite a visually obviously bump.
Feeling chronic pain or discomfort in your pelvic area as well as in your tummy

These symptoms are sometimes difficult to differentiate from other conditions like stomach flu and acid reflux which can cause bloating. If you believe you’re suffering from these symptoms you must go and see your doctor. He or she might order some screenings and tests to be done that would examine and identify the problem in that part of your body. Ovary cancer is very serious as its also hereditary and can lead to the need to have them removed. In this case, you may wish to extract your eggs and have them frozen so you can still have children in the future.

Mental health

Count yourself lucky if you can find a good work and life balance. More and more women are finding that they struggle with this, and work-related stress is one of the leading causes of mental health conditions. There are lots of articles online you can read and use to improve your knowledge of various symptoms to watch out for. It’s clear that having a life outside of work where you can shut off your worries and enjoy what you’re doing is vital to your long-term health.

Signs of mental stress could be a redder complexion, thinning hair, receding hairline, chest pressure, a loss of appetite, feeling light-headed and generally having episodes of anxiety attacks. Speak to your doctor and see what they recommend for you. Equally as important, take a look at your life and ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth it.

We’re all going to age, some with grace and others with a few complications. However, just keep an eye out for these health concerns, know what to look for and don’t hesitate to search for the best treatment options.

Hot Flashes

Another problem that millions of women experience at some point in their life. It can be life altering depending on the extent. Check out our Natural Hot Flash Relief post.

Bartholin Cyst

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Information on common health conditions woman experience along with ideas on what you can do! Includes Hot flashes, Bartholin Cysts and more.




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