Why You Need A Water Filtration System

A water filtration system for drinking and household water protects you from several illnesses caused by contaminants and impurities in the water supply.

It’s possible that you already have a whole house water filtration system already installed along with a drinking water filter. If not, it’s high time you do it to avoid unnecessary health issues. You might also want to check out our post on the benefits of using glass water bottles.

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Why do you need it?

The municipal water treatment removes most of the bacteria and viruses in the water. The water filtration system treats the chlorine and chloramine chemicals in the water that damage the pipes and excretes lead into the water, which becomes hazardous to your health. The chlorine chemicals themselves become harmful to your skin, your appliances, your clothing etc. Although chlorine is an excellent disinfectant in many water treatment facilities, it can also be quite dangerous when exposed to it for a more extended period. It is especially bad for your skin and hair as long-term exposure to chlorinated water causes your skin to dry, and your hair becomes dull. Therefore, using a water filter will reduce the amount of chlorine in the water and also the side effects that come with it.

Another advantage of using a whole house and drinking water filtration system is that it is environmentally-friendly. You do not have to purchase another plastic bottled water ever again. You can also add a UV filter to sieve the contaminants that occur through “natural” causes or events in our environment for added protection. Flood causes bacterias and viruses to move from one location to another, and also, in rare cases, it comes out from bursting water pipes. Drought causes cyanobacteria to grow, and farming practices can release herbicide and pesticide residues in the region’s water. Therefore, it is necessary to build up defenses against these contaminants and purify our water.

Whole house water filters from Water Filter Mag will allow you to build up a layer of defense against these contaminants and protect you and your family from the sickness that otherwise could have been avoided.

Drinking water filter – Second layer of defense

By installing the whole house water filtration system, you have ensured clean and chlorine-free water that will not harm the skin, your clothes, or any others that come in contact with the water. However, it is still not safe to drink it, so you may want to think about installing a drinking water filter before taking a sip of that water.

Drinking water filters will remove the rest of the contaminants that may affect your internal organs. Now you may wonder why the whole house filtration system cannot do this task. That’s because using several filters will slow down the water pressure around the entire house. However, if you are worried about you and your loved ones’ health, low water pressure isn’t a problem.

RO systems are designed to remove the tiniest of contaminants out of 88, such as Fluoride and Chromium. There are many contaminants that we cannot see, smell, or taste, and it is because of this, a filter system is required for you to drink clean and pure water. Filtration systems reduce 99% of all those 88 contaminants; however, there is a variety of them available, and it is up to you to choose the best one for your house and family. However, if you do not want to install the drinking-water filter, you can always get a water purifier. This way, instead of drinking from the tap or other sources, you can directly consume water from the purifier as it removes most of the remaining contaminants and chemicals and makes it fit for drinking.

What is in our water?

Due to industrial and environmental pollution, every water source, be it from rivers, lakes, glaciers, or wells, contain some form or level of contamination. Contaminants can occur from human-made chemicals or byproducts, from all the waste materials thrown in the water source and hazardous farming, agricultural, dyeing chemicals, and household products that seep in the water. You probably may not have a serious health problem right away; however, little exposure every day will lead to chronic health problems down the road.

Microbial pathogens (pdf), including various bacteria, viruses, and parasites, are incorporated with raw water. It also includes several organics such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and inorganics such as toxic metals including arsenic, barium, lead, etc. are all part of the unwanted substances we need to eliminate before using water. Radioactive elements are also found in water from the decaying of uranium in soils and rocks. Calcium and magnesium are found to attach to pipes and cause lime to deposit. These are only a few of the unwanted substances or contaminants removed by the filtration system and provide you with usable and drinkable clean water. These harmful substances and pathogens are the biggest reason to take water filtration systems into serious consideration.

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Do I need it?

If you still think the water you use, whether it be from the municipal or from your well, is good enough, you can try out small tests to see if you require a filtration system for your house. You can use a home water test kit or your senses to check if the water from your source is safe for your health or not.

Judging it yourself from the tests, if you find any one of the following, then you need to install a whole house water filtration system:

  • The water has a strange smell or taste.
  • The water looks cloudy, or you can observe small particles in the water.
  • The water contains chlorine.
  • The water contains bacterial contaminants.

If you observe any one of the above situations, you may need to install a water filtration system to protect you and your family.

While the municipality provides water treatment and helps remove hazardous contaminants, there are still some substances that it is unable to treat. For that reason, you need to install a water filtration system for the whole house and drinking water so that the contaminants don’t damage your organs or health and keep you and your family safe from various illnesses and diseases. When it comes to the question of leading a healthy life, no compromises should be made. You can start by filtering and purifying the water you consume.

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A water filtration system for drinking and household water protects you from several illnesses caused by contaminants and impurities in the water supply.

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