Tip Out Hidden Sink Drawer

Get rid of sink clutter and utilize wasted space by installing tip out hidden trays in your kitchen!blank11

I do love nooks and crannies to put thing in! When I first saw this I knew I’d eventually have to have some. There’s something extra special about secret hidey spots that appeal to the sneaky in me. (Not that my sink sponges and Brillo Pads are something I need to hide from prying eyes.)  Anyway, on a more practical note I like the fact that it makes use of otherwise useless space which makes them extra awesome for smaller kitchens. The project does require purchasing some of the ready made drawer inserts shown in the photos. There are several available and they can get a bit pricey but I found a set of two of them for fairly inexpensive on Amazon. They come complete with everything needed to install them. All you need are a few basic tools.

My dad did the honors of installing these for me. It took him about 30 minutes and overall wasn’t too difficult.  These allows me to keep my less used sink items hidden away.  FYI: Unless you attach a small handle on the fronts you have to grab the sides to pull these open.  On another practical note you could keep your jewels in these and I bet no burglar would find them!


We just moved into this home a couple months ago. The kitchen is deco 1970’s and will be getting an update in the future. Try not to let my retro cupboards draw your attention away from the project at hand. Ü




blank11Visual Steps

What comes in the box.



Remove the wood covers on the front of the sink. This can be done by gently prying off or opening the cupboards below and hammering the backs of them.



Following the instructions in the kit attach the side mechanisms to each drawer opening.

hidden.sink.drawer.6blank11 hidden.sink.drawer.7blank11

After measuring carefully attach the correct  pieces to each cover.hidden.sink.drawer.9blank11 hidden.sink.drawer.8blank11
Screw the trays in place on the back of the covers and attach to opening as shown in the instructions.

Get rid of sink clutter and utilize wasted space by instlaling tip out hidden trays in your kitchen!blank11

The trays are small but great for holding items such as these. No more sink clutter!Get rid of sink clutter and utilize wasted space by instlaling tip out hidden trays in your kitchen!blank11

To open mine I have to pull both sides out. For ease you could also attach a handle to the front of each one. Get rid of sink clutter and utilize wasted space by instlaling tip out hidden trays in your kitchen!blank11





  1. edy

    your dad did a great job…..smart lady for thinking of this treasure….
    we did a job for a woman who had us install them in her bath room…
    and she gave me a set for doing it…
    love them…..easy to keep clean….because there are 2 sets of hinges
    I put one in bath and one in kitchen

  2. I would worry that you could have trouble with sponges and things not drying out as well in there and getting stinky. Neat idea though! Found you via skip the housework linky party!

  3. We really need to do this at our house. (I’ve always thought that was wasted space in a kitchen). When we built this house, which we wanted to be a lot smaller, we had no idea just how much we would miss that extra space. It’s really hard getting used to it. I’m an organizational nut, so it’s been stressful finding space for everything.

    I saw on the Crafts a la Mode site that the link to my fairy house was broken and you couldn’t find it. I posted the link for you there, but it hasn’t been approved yet so here it is:


    I hope you like it!

    1. Nancy Author

      Thank you SO much Kristin! They need to fix that! You won’t get any traffic from the feature. Normally I just don’t try after a bad link but you fairy house was SO cute I was determined to view it! thanks too for the comment. Moving to a large home is a piece of cake. The other way around is indeed tricky!

      1. I’m glad to hear you were determined to see it, so thanks for sharing that with me. Truly. And you’re correct about the link not being present and subsequently not getting any traffic. Hopefully that will be fixed because up until they announced they were going to feature it, I felt like hardly anyone on any of the memes was seeing my link-up at all.


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