How To Live Well With A Chronic Condition

Up to 60% of Americans live with some form of chronic illness or pain. Learn some ideas to help you learn Live Well With A Chronic Condition.

Up to 60% of Americans live with some form of chronic illness or pain (Source: CDC). That is a huge proportion of society. Living with a condition can be a struggle and of course, the impact and severity of everyone’s condition are different, but there are some things that you can do to learn how to live well with your condition.

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Find a Doctor/Healer you Trust

You probably have a range of people involved in your healthcare. Having a team that you trust is a huge step. If you think that you aren’t receiving the care you should, or need a second opinion then you should get one if you can. Your long term quality of life should be their priority and they should always be making you aware of any new studies, therapies, and pain relief. Though doctors don’t normally talk about natural options many states now allow the use of marijuana for pain control. Medical and crazy glue strain is often mentioned. This safe healing herb can ease depression, pain and a variety of other things without side effects. You want a physical or naturopath you can trust.

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Accept you have an illness

This isn’t the same as giving up, but accepting that you have a condition can be very liberating. Instead of constantly fighting against it, you can start to work on strategies to help you improve your life. Focus on the things that you can do rather than the things you can’t.

Make lifestyle changes

We could all benefit from a healthier lifestyle. While following a healthy lifestyle isn’t going to solve all of your problems, it can help you feel better and boost your immune system. It will also reduce the risk of developing a range of other illnesses that could compound your condition.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help improve your mood, deal with pain, and keep your weight at a manageable level.  Keep any changes manageable. Small, long term changes often work better than trying to live super healthy for a week or two, then losing motivation and falling back into bad habits.  A balanced diet, incorporating movement into your everyday life, and avoiding smoking and alcohol can bring a surprising amount of changes to your overall physical health.

Join a support community

Many people living with chronic health conditions feel alone and isolated. They withdraw from everyday activities and it becomes a vicious circle. Finding a support group, or an online community for people living with similar conditions can be life-changing for you. Firstly, it lets you know that you’re not alone, that there are others going through the exact same thing as you. They have the same challenges and fears and can be a great source of support.  You’ll find people who have found fantastic ways of coping with their condition and be able to take inspiration from them. Who knows, you could be providing inspiration for others too. Make sure that the group you join is friendly and supportive. Don’t be afraid to find another one if it’s not for you. Your primary care provider should be able to point you in the direction of any support groups, or failing that, search online to see what’s available.

Up to 60% of Americans live with some form of chronic illness or pain. Learn some ideas to help you learn Live Well With A Chronic Condition.

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