4 Ways To Live A Stress Free Life

Life in general can be stressful. Even more so when there is a pandemic. Here are 4 ways to live a stress free like and feel better!

At the peak of the pandemic, close to two billion people were living in quarantine, and you cannot ignore how stressful this was. From experiencing loneliness to being anxious about the situation’s uncertainty, it wasn’t easy on anyone. Unfortunately, stress is an enemy to good mental health, and so you should do your best to avoid it. Do you need extra help getting through the pandemic or for your life in general? Here are four ways to live healthy and stress-free.

  1. Be mindful

Experts from Oxford University have suggested that it’s possible to relieve your stress and be happy if you take charge of your mindfulness. Scientific evidence also shows that mindfulness doesn’t only relieve depression, but it also positively affects brain mechanisms that relate to anxiety and irritability. But what’s mindfulness all about? Well, it’s about paying rapt attention to your emotional well-being through meditation and other healthy activities. Here’s a little exercise you can try. Take a deep breath and allow the feelings to flow through your body. Focusing on your breath this way allows you to track your thoughts as they resonate through you. Eventually, you will be able to take control of your mind.

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  1. Take a short walk

Stress often stems from taking on more than you can handle, whether at work or in your personal life. Fortunately, something as simple as walking is a great stress reliever. A short walk can light up your load and calm your frayed nerves. It’s one of the natural ways to take a break from your busy schedule and improve your mood. A walk doesn’t have to lead you to any particular location. It could just be a 15-30 minute stroll around your vicinity. As you walk to release stress, your sense of vision, sound, and even smell can absorb positive energy from your environment and impact your mood.

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  1. Engage in a pleasurable activity

In the ongoing Covid-19 battle, increased social isolation has caused depression indices to shoot through the roof. To counteract the load of sad moods weighing down on you, you could do an exciting activity such as cooking your favorite food. Also, consider reaching out to your friends and family, and doing other hobbies you enjoy. This could be music and dance, playing video games, crafting etc. We have a HUGE selection of upcycle ideas for useful stay at home crafts and decor so check that out!

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  1. Sleep better

Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per day to stay strong. If you deny yourself a good night’s sleep, you’re exposing yourself to becoming more stressed. So try to get a good night’s sleep to replace your energy for your day. For those who struggle with their sleeping patterns, try retiring to bed early. In the beginning, your biological clock may find it hard to put your body to sleep. But when you stick with your new schedule, your body will gradually adapt to it. You can also try getting the best CBD oil to improve the quality of your sleep.

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The truth is that stress is part of life, but you don’t have to allow it to ruin things for you. You can have a stress-free experience in more ways, and these four are a good place to start.


Life in general can be stressful. Even more so when there is a pandemic. Here are 4 ways to live a stress free like and feel better!

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