Tips for Boosting Mental Health

It should be noted that mental health isn’t a stable state. It can change slowly or quickly, and you can feel great or not. There are also a plethora of mental health issues that people deal with on a daily basis. So while this list can help many people to feel perky and bouncy, it won’t work for everyone.

  1. Looking forward to breaks can make the work slog or the 9-5 daily routine more comfortable to manage. The simple act of planning a vacation, even just a night away can increase your happiness for 8 weeks. If you don’t want to splash the cash on week-long expensive stays, cabins for a single night a few miles away will boost your happiness. Giving yourself something to look forward to.
  2. Journaling is something that helps a lot of people stay centered and focused. Tracking the things that you are happy and grateful for, or the things that you were able to achieve each day can give you a significant boost. Seeing your achievements written down can make them feel more tangible and show you your progress.
  3. Get creative from time to time. It might feel experimental, and that is ideal.  Our site is FILLED with wonderful ideas such as upcycling and crafting home decor. Write poetry or create a new kind of meal. This lets your brain loose for a while. You can explore the things that you think you might enjoy but might not typically have time for.How to Etch Glass in 5 Minutes
  4. When your mental health takes a knock, confidence and self-esteem can often go with it. There isn’t a fast way to build self-esteem and confidence back up. And this can be an ongoing battle. What is important is that you keep working on it. Write down your strengths, and when you feel low, come back to them. Know that the person on that list is you.
  5. Watching comedy movies can give you small periods of time where you focus on something funny and uplifting. If you have a really funny friend, talk to them for a while. It might not be a long term solution, but many short term solutions can help.
  6. Anxiety can make a huge impact on the day to day life of anxiety sufferers. But many people suffer from some degree of anxiety. It is essential to note the difference between anxiety triggered from time to time by events like driving, or completing a project on time, and the anxiety that comes with anxiety disorders. Aside from medication, there are a number of studies that show CBD to have a positive impact. Remedy Review is a great place to learn more.A Quick Guide to CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety and More!

  7. Do less. Sometimes in haste to find peace, calm and joy, we try to add more and more activities to our to-do list. Only to later find we have no time to relax. Which then compounds the issue of being tired and overstretched. It can be more beneficial to find more pleasure in what you already do, and the plans you already have.Where’s Your Sanctuary? Creating Your Happy Place
    Why it's important for you have your own special sanctuary or "happy place" that you can retreat too daily and some great simple ideas for creating one!
  8. Getting off the grid for a while. If you can, leave your phone at home and take a walk without it. If that isn’t practical, then instead, turn off all of the notifications apart from the ones you need the most and then head out for a walk. There might be a beauty spot you have wanted to visit for ages, or you have a few hours and don’t mind driving to a nature reserve. Walking the woods and the green of the trees is great for us mentally. Equally being by the sea or even a lake can give us a mental lift.
    Write your story or any story. Sometimes we bottle things up, and that means we hold on to them forever. Writing can be a form of therapy for most people. It allows you to release what you are holding on to, or explore your creativity by writing fiction. It is said that we all have at least one novel inside of us. Maybe it is time to start yours.
  1. Help yourself in advance. If you feel stressed or under pressure by having to arrange everything last minute, then it might be time to start planning ahead. Use any spare day or hours. You have to plan your outfits for the week. This will mean you get up in the morning and can grab the outfit you have set out. Reducing how long you need to spend in the morning and taking away an extra decision you have to make.
  2. If possible, and this will depend on location, you should try to get at least 30 minutes walking and 15 minutes of sunshine a day. The sunshine will help you absorb all of the vitamin D that you need. Vitamin D is believed to be a mood elevator, and so will aid in your quest for balance. Remember to add SPF before you soak up the sunshine.

Why Going Barefoot is Best!


  1. Music can make a big difference in your mood. Many people listen to sad songs, and that helps them to cry and release some of the pent up emotions. However, listening to classical music or nature sounds can be relaxing and help ease anxiety, listening to your favorite songs while cleaning, working or just because. Dance around and sing along, both of which are great for you.
  2. Head to the doctors to talk about how youre feeling, and see if you may need to have your vitamin levels checked. Sometimes a deficiency can have a huge impact on your moods. Getting your levels back to ‘normal’ may give you a noticeable improvement in your moods and how you feel in general.
  3. There isnt usually a one-size-fits-all tick list for improving your mental health. It can take a number of things that vary from week to week or even day to day. It is essential to see what makes you feel good and add more of that good stuff in your life.
  4. Achieve Peace of Mind with the Right Cover Without the right insurance cover in place, you’ll always be taking a risk. That’s the same for driving, your home and even your life. So if you want to prevent some of those nagging worries, think about putting place insurance policies that’ll cover you completely. With the right health insurance, all kinds of treatments will be opened up to you. You can even make the most of virtual therapy covered by insurance if you want to.

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