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No one likes being sick. Here are some help and tips for preventing and even getting over the common cold as quickly as possible!A common cold is something we’ll all experience at some point and it can be very frustrating when we’re busy and the last thing we need or want is to be sick. There are lots of preventative measures that we can take in order to stop us from succumbing to the common cold, but once you have it, it can be difficult to shake. Here are some tips to help you look after yourself and possibly help get over it quicker.


Prevention Idea #1

Obviously this is the best way to not get or catch colds. Obviously that means living in a way that allows your immune system to do its job. ie. eating a diet filled with live food, getting some exercise etc.  One thing we use during cold and flu season is a product from the company Doterra called On Guard. We are not affiliated with Doterra but use certain products due to official studies showing their efficacy in treating or preventing certain conditions.  On Guard is considered a “preventive” oil blend and comes in several formats… spray, oil, capsules. We use the oil or spray during cold season and rub it or spray it on the bottoms of the feet and on our hands. If you have kids do this every day before school. This will help prevent  “catching” viruses from others. You can also diffuse it in your home.

HOW TO BUY: It’s safest to purchase it from someone who sells the product in person or online.  It’s a bit pricey but if you can afford it very well worth it. While it is available on Amazon it’s not always the real thing so you have to be careful. This Amazon store “appears” to be legit. Our personal “master herbalist” friend sells it and you can click her official doterra store here.  if you prefer to buy from the company. Just search the store for what you’re looking for.

Prevention Idea #1

The minute you feel the sensation of a cold coming on can be a great time to try to head it off at the pass. One thing we have personally done for years is to mega-dose vitamin C. As soon as you feel a sore throat or anything that makes you think  you’re heading for a cold get some 1000 mg vitamin C pills and take at least 3, three times a day. You can’t overdose on vitamin C because as soon as your body gets as much as it can hold it flushes the rest out. The say it might cause some diarrhea or nausea but we’ve never experienced that and taken even more.  We’ve stopped a cold or the flu many times through the years doing this. There is a lot of info out there on vitamin mega dosing for a variety of conditions.  REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: As always, this is our opinion and not mean’t to treat anything. Always check with your doctor.

Make sure to purchase a well known brand to assure quality. Below are two we use regularly.

Doctors Best  and   NOW Vitamin C 

You’ve Caught the Cold. What Now?

Get Plenty Of Rest

Rest is an important part of feeling better and in general it’s good to get plenty of rest each day. We can end up sacrificing sleep and that can be the main cause of how we get ill in the first place. Being run down means your body is more susceptible to getting sick from the general bacteria and dirt that surrounds the atmosphere on a daily basis. When you feel yourself getting ill, try and have a few early nights to see if that can help. That isn’t always possible when you have other commitments but it can really help to stop a cold progressing before it hits you fully. Make sure you’re wrapped up warm and that you are providing the right atmosphere necessary to fall asleep quickly. An eye mask is a useful thing to have along with sleep spray if you find it difficult to fall asleep in general. A hot water bottle at the foot of your bed can also keep you warm when it’s cold in your home.

Easing Symptoms

Making sure you have the right over-the-counter medications when it comes to curing a sickness is good because most of the time, it can shorten the length of your illness. When you’re coming down with a cold, take a trip to your local pharmacy to stock up on supplies. Things like aspirin and other painkillers are good to combat headaches and body pain in general. You’ll also want to get some sweet-form tablets like strepsils plus or anything that can minimize head colds and sore throats. If you’re not a fan of taking tablets or you have trouble swallowing them, then there’s always liquid forms that you can stir into cold or hot drinks. Do this before the cold has hit fully, otherwise, you might find it difficult to get out of the house, let alone walk to a nearby shop. Have friends and family on speed dial, should you need to get a little help.

COUGHING/SORE THROAT The only thing we have found in our family that actually works and stops coughing and eases a sore throat is Doterra’s On Guard Protecting Throat drops. Again, we are not affiliated with them and they are a little pricer than others but these work like nothing else we’ve every found.

Drink Lots Of Water

You hear this so much you tend to brush it off. But drinking enough water is SO IMPORTANT in general and definitely when you’re sick when it can help flush out your system and keep you hydrated. Being ill, you have all that bad toxic bacteria in your body and the body itself is trying to fight it off as best that it can. As well as taking medication, drinking more water than usual can help flush out your system quicker and you’ll find that your cold gets less aggressive, the more you drink. When it comes to liquid, avoid alcohol as that can only make you feel worse, even if it provides a temporary measure. Have a big bottle of water with you in bed or when lying on the couch and make sure you’re getting through it. If you can’t drink plain water, then try flavoring with fruit or juice. We also suggest using a glass bottle or cup.  Read more about that here:

Why Glass Water Bottles Are BetterLearn the down and dirty about why glass water bottles are better for you and the dangers of using plastic to drink from our store food in. One word: BPA

Wrap Up Warm When You Go Out

Having a cold isn’t fun when you still have to do stuff and if you’re not quite at the bed-bound stage. It’s important that you wrap up warm when you do go out. You don’t want to make yourself any worse than you should be and when you’re going out into cold, that could end up making you feel worse.  Depending on the time of year, and it’s usually the winter, wear a good amount of layers. Wear a scarf and gloves if it’s needed as this can protect the areas that are usually exposed and forgotten about.

See The Doctor If It Gets Any Worse

For a common cold, it’s not really needed for you to go to the doctors when you can simply get all the medicine you need in your local pharmacy. However, if the symptoms get worse and the cold isn’t shifting after a couple days of being at home and off work, then it’s probably best to take a trip to your doctor just to see what they can do and to check it’s nothing worse. They may be able to give you antibiotics that are stronger than your standard medicine and will hopefully defeat the dreadful flu or cold that you have. Your doctor might turn around and tell you to continue resting but for your peace of mind, it’s worth getting a checkup even if that’s the response.

Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Being sick isn’t fun and it definitely isn’t great when other household members catch it. That’s something you can definitely pass on when you have a cold and it’s important you’re doing what you can to prevent it from spreading. It could be using hand sanitizer and making sure any meal prep for the family is done by someone who isn’t ill. Another way of stopping the bacteria from spreading is to keep your home well ventilated. Open some windows throughout the day and make sure you have a fan on if you own one. This can help ventilate the room quicker and as a result, you’ll feel a lot better. There’s nothing worse than being in a room that smells and feels like how you feel.

Change Bedding And Clothes

Bacteria can cling to pretty much anything. Try to replace your bedding as often as you can if the cold is lasting for more than a few days. The same goes for what you’re wearing and it’s unlikely that you’ll be dressing in work or casual attire on a daily basis. Wear your comfortable clothing but make sure you’re washing it every other night and putting on fresh clothing. Bedding can be done weekly or more so if needed. Doing this will definitely help kill off a lot more of the bacteria floating about and that could end up coming back and making you ill again.

Drink Lots Of Warm Liquids

Your body needs to be eating and drinking the right amount of fluids and solids to get better. When you’re ill, you might not want to eat much but it’s still important you keep getting your daily intake of recommended calories. You can do this in the form of warm liquids. So liquids like soups and broths can be a great alternative to solids and can either be bought or made from scratch. Making them from scratch can be good in order to have them more chunky so that it feels like you’re getting solids into your body. After a while, it might get boring, so try to switch up the flavors as much as you can.

Turn Off Your Electronics at Night

Electronics are good for when you’re bored but if it’s stopping you from getting to sleep, then it could be hindering your recovery. We all need a bit of entertainment but sometimes it can stop us from getting the sleep we need. It also can strain our eyes and the blue light can likely make any headaches or sinus pain worse. Try to keep electronic use to a minimum when you’re ill and only use it when you can’t sleep any more. Use it wisely and turn it off when your body is pining after some rest. Keep the electronics out of the room you’re in to help you fall asleep when you need to, otherwise, they become a distraction. It’s worth paying attention if it’s your children who are ill as they may sneak their electronics in bed with them.

Getting over the common cold can take a few days to a week or so. Once you have it, it can be harder to shift, so it’s always important to try and fight it off when it’s in its initial stages. Keep stocked up on supplies throughout and get plenty of rest. Avoid using electronics and stick to lots of fluids when getting your daily food intake. Drink your body weight in water and try to avoid going out in the cold. The more you can do, the quicker you’ll feel better!

No one likes being sick. Here are some help and tips for preventing and even getting over the common cold as quickly as possible!

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