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In February 2020 Coors Light is offering to pay for free dog adoptions! Read the details and also get some doggie tips for your new family member. Coors Light is offering to pay the bill for up to 1,000 dog adoption in the United States, if you adopt between February 4th and 21st 2020. The brand will cover the fees of rescuing a dog from a shelter. While the dog adoption campaign may sound like a marketing coup – and be sure that it is –, it is also excellent news for our canine friends who are waiting to be rescued. And that’s what counts. However, the offer has a few caveats regarding the age of the participants, the method of repayment, and your location. If you live in California, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Louisiana, the offer doesn’t extend to the shelters in your states.  Pet lovers can only hope that this generous initiative will encourage families and couples to adopt a dog. Can there be a more romantic gift for Valentine’s Day than bringing joy into the life of a Labrador? However, if you have never had a dog before, you need to make sure that you fully understand the commitment of adoption. Ultimately, Rex is going to teach you a valuable lesson in responsibility. The question is: Are you ready to listen?

Indeed, while most people intuitively understand that having a dog means feeding him, taking him for a walk in the park, and planning vet checkups, there’s more to Rex than what you imagine. You are responsible for your pet’s safety and well-being, which means that you need to consider the consequences of your decisions and actions in everyday life. If you want to take advantage of the Coors Light offer, you need to be prepared to make room in your life for a dog and adapt your routine.

No pup is perfectly healthy all the time

Health is an important question. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, chances are your pup may already have developed health issues. It’s a common risk for older dogs. However, some illnesses may be present at birth. You know the saying, ‘nobody is perfect’. The same applies to your dog. As such, you may not find a healthy dog in a shelter. But don’t let it deter you from adopting. On the contrary, dogs with health issues can make wonderful companions too. You need to make sure you are familiar with their requirements. For instance, dogs with diabetes have specific dietary needs, so it’s essential to research the best foods for diabetic dogs, for example. Some dogs may require life-long treatment and medication for their ailments. Every shelter will be upfront with you about the health requirements of their animals, so you don’t have to worry about finding out too late. However, what you need to worry about is whether you can commit to managing their health as best as possible.  To keep them healthy make sure to feed them a grain-free high quality dog food. The following two brands are what we use and have had little or NO recalls.

  Diamond Natural Real Meat Grain Free Dog Food   and Tuffy’s Nutrisource Grain Free Dog Food

Doggie Insurance

Purchasing doggie insurance can give you great peace of mind. Below is the company we use.

Your dog will eat everything

Well, not everything but many dogs are chewers. Its just natural. Ultimately, when you’ve got no other way of interacting with your environment, chewing is perhaps the equivalent of us running a hand on the surface of the material. For some dogs, it might be a stress relief mechanism. For others, it’s sheer excitement and joy. Additionally, you need to be realistic. While you know better than to chew the bar of soap, how is your dog going to know? In other words, you can’t afford not to keep up with your cleaning schedule. Keeping the house as clean and decluttered as possible is going to avoid many emergency trips to the vet. It’s also going to save your favorite belongings, which is a good thing too! Make sure you always put things back at their place. The more you leave lying around, the more likely it is to get chewed by your dog. Keeping chemical products at bay and behind locked doors is a no brainer. You also should consider protecting your shoes – a shoe cabinet with doors is essential – and taping loose wiring and cables to the wall.   Always remember, bad behavior is due to lack of training NOT a bad dog.

As avid dog owners we’ve had our fair share of doggie mishaps. One example is below.  How to Repair a Recliner Cushion (aka When Good Dogs Do Bad Things)We'll show you how to repair a recliner cushion... the non-removable kind! This one had some doggie damage but you can also recover just for a new look!

Your dog waits for you all day

After a long day at the office, you’re craving for your sofa. Unfortunately, you can’t just crash on the couch and watch your favorite TV show. Your dog is excited to see you. Remember that Rex has been waiting for your return all day long. He’s got all that energy he hasn’t used, and he wants to spend some quality time with you. In short, you need to introduce a new step in your evening routine; you have to play with Rex. It might not sound like a chore, but, believe us, some days, you won’t have any desire to play. Yet, you need to. Thankfully, you can have some fun indoor if you don’t feel like going out. Playing tug of war with your dog or hide & seek in the apartment will keep your dog happy.  Keeping your dog active and engaged daily which includes a daily walk, will go a long way in preventing much bad behavior which can stem from boredom.


If Your Dog’s a Barker

Communication is a natural part of our every day. We talk, we laugh, we smile. Your dog also has a lot to say, but unfortunately for us, dogs don’t know how to speak. Instead of using words, your dog communicates in many ways with you. You can observe Rex’s body language and behavior to understand how he’s feeling. But Rex has another skill; he can bark. Barking is one of the most common complaints that dog owners have about their pets. He barks all the time! He is so loud! I can’t get him to shut up. But, here’s the thing, while you can train your dog to bark less frequently, you need to learn to decipher the barking too. Barks vary in pitch, duration, and frequency, so it’s crucial to get familiar with the differences to figure out whether Rex is excited, worried, or trying to get your attention. Not only will this establish a better base for your communication, but it also prevents you from shouting at him to get quiet. Rex barks because he’s trying to tell you something, so it’s time to listen.

Bad Behavior Will Stop with Training

How is your dog going to know that he’s not supposed to climb on the sofa? The answer is because you teach him not to. Unfortunately, for new dog owners, training can sometimes be overlooked. You can accidentally encourage bad habits in your pup, which will be tricky to remove when Rex is older. We’ve all been there. Your puppy looked so cute the first time he begged for food that you didn’t stop him. And that’s how a bad habit is created. You need to show discipline and to be clear about what you expect from your dog.

Potty Time

Parents are used to asking their kids if they need to go to the bathroom before a car trip. But the reason why it works is that your kids understand how long the journey is. Your dog has no notion of it and is therefore unlikely to realize that their chance for a toilet break is now or never. As such, your dog might become vocal during the journey when he needs to stop. Here’s a tip: Don’t ignore him.

Free Potty Training Puppy Chart (works for older dogs too!)Grab a free potty training puppy chart and read about how a very special puppy named Oliver Sprout found a loving home with the help of the Humane Society.

Dogs and Plans

You can’t take a spontaneous vacation anymore. When you have a dog, you need to plan your holiday carefully. Dog-friendly vacations need preparation and organization. Additionally, while you might find dog-sitters or kennels available to look after your pet when you’re away. If you can take them, great! Many motels are pet friendly. If not, make sure to find a reputable place or someone you trust to dog-sit.

In conclusion, if you’re considering Coors Light offer and you’re serious about rescuing a dog, you could build a beautiful relationship with your furry friend. The responsibility is only one – essential – part of your relationship. It doesn’t take away the joy and warmth of finding a companion. But, if you’re going to keep your dog healthy and happy, your duty of care goes first.

In February 2020 Coors Light is offering to pay for free dog adoptions! Read the details and also get some doggie tips for your new family member.

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