How To Enjoy Things in Moderation

Things are seldom all good or bad and many things we enjoy are not good in excess. Learn some tips on how to enjoy things in moderation.

If you’re someone who pushes themselves too far, whether when eating or drinking, perhaps it’s time you started trying to live life in moderation. It’s a much more sustainable and realistic way of living than simply cutting all of the things you love out of your life. That kind of zero tolerance approach only makes you more likely to fall back into bad habits later on and then you achieve nothing at all. Here’s how to enjoy things in moderation.

Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

First of all, you should try harder to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If you feel like you’re full, listen to that feeling and don’t feel like you need to carry on eating. This is a mistake that many people make; they just push on through until they can’t eat any more. You’ll have to curb that habit if you’re going to start enjoying things in moderation though.

How To Stop Cravings

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Cheats and ‘Cheat Days’

When you allow yourself cheats in your moderation-centric lifestyle, it’s easy to fall out of the positive routines you’ve established. ‘Cheat days’ should also be avoided because consistency is so important when you’re trying to start eating, drinking or doing whatever else in moderation. If you allow yourself breaks all the time, you’ll eventually just go back to your old ways.

Get Help if You’re Becoming Reliant on Unhealthy Things

If you’re trying to cut down on drinking but you’re finding it hard to achieve that, you should consider getting help. That’s especially important if you feel like you’re becoming reliant on things like alcohol that aren’t good for you. There’s probably an alcohol addiction treatment center near you that you can turn to if you feel like you need professional support.

Don’t Fret Over Slip-Ups But Learn From Them

If you do have slip-ups along the way, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it too much. Everyone makes mistakes or has bad days. But as long as you recognize your mistakes and make an effort to ensure they don’t happen again, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Not everything goes according to plan but you can always learn from your mistakes.


Truly Enjoy Those Indulgences

When you start to moderate your indulgences, you also begin to really enjoy and value them. By cutting down, you’ll improve your health, and that’s probably why you want to do all this. But you’ll also find that you enjoy that slice of cake when you know that it’s a rare treat. When you consume things too much, you stop appreciating them as treats and see them as the norm.

Living life in moderation might sound difficult but it really isn’t. Once you start listening to your body and giving it what it needs rather than what you want or think it needs, you’ll start to realise that consuming in moderation is the norm. You’ll improve your mental and physical health along the way too.

Things are seldom all good or bad and many things we enjoy are not good in excess. Learn some tips on how to enjoy things in moderation.

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  1. Wayne Booth

    This common sense approach is so important for mental health as much as financial, relationship and many other areas of life.
    I’ve finally taken stock of my ignorance and arrogance.
    Things have improved a lot !


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