Become the Best Version of You!

With a little insight and some basic tips you can learn how to become the best version of you and life a life of fulfillment, purpose, joy and happiness. 

If you let it, life can get you down. It can change you from the person you know you should be into someone else entirely. It’s almost like you are watching yourself bob helplessly away as another you watches on bemused from the beach. With a busy lifestyle and all your commitments, you may not have the time, or be able to muster up the enthusiasm to throw that rope and drag yourself back to shore. You may think all hope is lost. Well, it’s not true. No matter how far you have strayed from that ideal you, there is always hope. Here are some methods to get you back to feeling like you.

Figure out what you want

Life is chaotic, and there’s so much confusion all around. It is not easy, but you have to find a quiet place and contemplate where you are and where you are going, and how you can change it if you do not like what you see. Quiet time away from phones and all other stimuli which is not you. Sit and try to forget the world out there, focus on the inner you, the real you, the you, you’ve been denying. Who are you, and what do you want? In these quiet moments, answers will float and bob their way to the forefront of your consciousness. With a new focus, you will be able to move onwards with more meaning.

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Cut out bad habits

We all have them, our vices calling to us, telling us to eat that jelly donut. Well, you need to tell that devil inside that you are no longer listening. You don’t have to change it all in a day, you can make incremental changes over time. Like cutting out fizzy drinks, stopping getting fast food, making healthier changes at the supermarket, walking more. Cutting off those toxic ties once and for all. Even going to that women’s drug rehab in Pennsylvania for information if nothing else. Rome was not built in a day. And working on you will take time. You are the master of your own destiny.

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Start a hobby

What would make you happy? What positive change could you make today to make you feel as if you are achieving something by being more productive? Starting a hobby will give you a focus and a way to channel your energy. It may provide you with something to look forward to. Perhaps you could join that local cooking class you have always been meaning to. Everyone has some passion. It could be simply reading more. It is up to you. It may be that you start at home and begin by having a tidy up and declutter, and in the process, start a crafty career in upcycling. There is nothing to stop you from turning nothing into something like those old soda bottles. When you start to think of simple, fun things to do, you won’t be able to stop your mind. The creative you will burst forth from the old you.

With a little insight and some basic tips you can learn how to become the best version of you and life a life of fulfillment, purpose, joy and happiness. 

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