Lighten Up! Your Home That Is

You may or may not be aware, but if you live in a dark and dingy home, this could affect your mental health. So lighten up!
You may or may not be aware, but if you live in a dark and dingy home, this could be taking its toll on your mental health. Dark, oppressive surroundings will, over time, contribute to depression. On the opposite side of the scale, having a nice light room can actually increase your sense of self-worth and well being. This is because light colors are mood enhancers and give the impression that things are illuminated and that there is a way through. So, if you are struggling with your mental health, why not give some of the home transforming tips below a go and see if you can reinvigorate your mindset.

Paint those walls

Don’t sit in a room with paint from the ‘70s getting you down. That orange and brown may have looked good all those years ago, but now it is miserable and flaking off anyway. Get down the hardware store and purchase a light color, a white, or bright yellow. A light-colored wall will reverberate the light that does penetrate your home and set it in motion about the room. It will feel more open and welcoming. Not only that, it will have that new paint smell too, which will add a new lease of life.

A Trick To Choose Paint Color For Your Walls

Use this awesome trick to test out different paint colors for your walls without painting swatches directly onto them! PLUS download a FREE paint planner!


While we’re on the subject of painting, think about painting and refurbishing furniture and those old wardrobes and chest of drawers. If you make as many things brighter, the light you do have will be spread more evenly about your home. Also, think about the layout, move any large objects that are blocking the windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. Alternatively, why not invest in see-through plastic furniture.


Lots of lights are a great way to lighten up your home. In fact, it is pretty much essential. Consider the kind of lighting you have at the moment and think about the places that are left in shadow. It may be that you could benefit from some spotlighting. The gu10 led bulbs are great for this. You can add as many of them as you like and brighten up all those nooks and crannies which have not been seen since the house was constructed. Think about some wall lighting too, and some well-placed lamps.


There is nothing better for your well being or the state of your home than having a much needed decluttering session. We all do it, have 1001 things in the house that are not only useless but fill if space and make the house untidy, darker, and unloved. So, go around with a black bin liner and chuck in everything that serves no purpose. If in amongst the rubbish, you find things that are broken and could be fixed, get them fixed. After a good clear out, you will feel better, and the home will be airier and lighter because of it. Decluttering is simply an excellent method to rejuvenate the soul and get you closer to that Zen state, in which you will feel like a million dollars.

Three Box Rule to Dejunking


You may or may not be aware, but if you live in a dark and dingy home, this could affect your mental health. So lighten up!

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