Prepare Your Home for Christmas


Whether its just you, your family or you have extended family coming in for the holidays we have tips to help you Prepare Your Home for Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us. If this isn’t something that you’ve been thinking about, now is probably the right time to start making some plans and arrangements for the holiday season. If you’re hosting friends and family, it can be a good idea to tick off a few of the items from our list to prepare your home for Christmas. Below are some ideas to help you prepare your home for Christmas!

Making a List!

Your very first job should be grabbing a pen and paper and writing everything down that you’re going to need to organize. There’s likely to be a lot to do, so don’t try to keep it all in your head, that is a recipe for disaster!  Begin by jotting down all areas that you’re going to need to cover. This should be everything from gift lists to arranging outings to food ideas and reminders. Armed with these areas, you can then start making your detailed plans.  Your plans around your home are likely to require the most time and effort, so it’s important to ensure that you get started on these sooner rather than later.

 clean and declutter

Before you begin the festive makeover, spend some time cleaning and decluttering. It’s so much easier to deep clean now than when having to navigate around trees, garlands, cards and lights. You can then just keep on top of light cleaning tasks throughout the whole season, which also means that you’ll ultimately have less cleaning to do at this busy time. As you’re likely to be hosting guests and you and your family are probably going to receive presents, it makes sense to declutter now too. It will free up space for any new additions and a clutter-free environment is going to make you more relaxed and productive.  If you have children, get them involved with the decluttering and encourage them to regift any unwanted toys and books. This means they will have places to put their new gifts and it helps them to understand the spirit of giving at this time of year.

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Most of us have those odd jobs that we know we must get around to fixing. They always seem to slip off the end of our to-do lists and before we know it, another week has flown by. Now is a good time to get them done, so that you can relax knowing that all will be perfect for you and your family over the season. Don’t forget to take care of bigger things that may need a bit of attention. Hire someone such as NexGen HVAC & Plumbing to fix any heating and plumbing problems so that you are all cozy, repair that broken fence so that your aunt’s dog can’t escape out there and then get that slipping roof tile fixed to ensure it doesn’t fall on a loved one.

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Get decorating

This is usually the most fun, isn’t it? It’s lovely to decorate your home for Christmas, so make sure that you set aside plenty of time to do this to give you the time to savor it. As you begin, play some Christmas music or pop a favorite Christmas movie on in the background so that the scene is set and you can get fully immersed into the season. Gather all your trimmings and decorations and spend a little time making sure that everything is clean and in full working order. Whether you choose to take this one on alone or to make it an entire family affair, enjoy every moment of it!  We have a huge selection of easy inexpensive holiday and Christmas crafts, decor and activities.

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Craft and create those little extra touches

It can be a lot of fun crafting and creating those little extra touches in your home for Christmas. These can often be the things that are at the heart of your festive traditions each year. You might spend time with your children making a gingerbread house or Christmas cookies. The smell of Christmas baking should be at the heart of every Christmas home. Or perhaps every year you make a new ornament for the tree? You can add a personal touch for your guests too, perhaps adding table settings or festive utensil pouches for the meal. You might like to try sewing stockings for your family and hanging them by the fireplace ready for their arrival.

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Stock your cupboards

If there is one thing that you can guarantee over Christmas it is that everyone eats a lot! Food is almost synonymous with the holiday season, so you are going to need to stock up the cupboards. Along with your Christmas meal, people are likely to expect snacks, candy, chocolates, cakes, cheese and drinks. And don’t overlook your usual shopping staples as you are still going to need the normal breakfast fare and your basics to get everyone through while you’re lazing around playing games and watching the best of Christmas TV.

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Think about the scents

If you have a real Christmas tree then you probably have the entire scent of Christmas all over your home and you can skip this step. For others, the scents and smells of the season can really help to set the scene. You might have the smell of baking or roasting drifting over the house for guests to enjoy. Or perhaps you have a warm fire crackling in your fireplace that is getting everyone relaxed and cozy. You can also choose to add in Christmas scented candles dotted around or opt for a festive room spray, perhaps a cinnamon or gingerbread fragrance.

Make arrival day plans

You have everything in place now for your home and your guests over the holidays. Your final task is to make those arrival day plans.  If you need to collect people from airports or bus stations, get someone assigned to the task early on and keep an eye on the clock.  If people are staying overnight, prepare guest rooms or juggle your family room arrangements so that everyone knows where they will be sleeping and guests have fresh bed linens.  Make sure that there’s food awaiting everyone on their arrival and if you have plans to go out, perhaps to the theater or church to celebrate, rally everyone to get ready on time. The Christmas season is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely heart warming and priceless in the memories you’ll make.  So, make it as fun as possible, and from our family to yours… Merry Christmas!

Whether its just you, your family or you have extended family coming in for the holidays we have tips to help you Prepare Your Home for Christmas!



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