Tips To Build Happy Relationships

It's no secret that even the best relationships all have their ups and downs. Here's  few tips to help build happy relationships with your partner. 

It’s no secret that even the best relationships all have their ups and downs. There isn’t a couple on the planet that can honestly claim that it’s all been smooth sailing for them! You’re likely reading this article because you’re in a relationship. You also want to know what you should both be doing to keep it healthy and happy. The truth is, there aren’t any “secret” tips that you’ll find here. Instead, what you’ll see are some common-sense, tried and tested tips. Check them out below… some of these might even surprise you:

Lower Unreasonable Expectations

Have you ever noticed that in long-term relationships, we start expecting certain things? One of the keys to a lasting relationship is to stop expecting that your partner will always do things the same way or with the same regularity. For example, if they do the dishes most evenings, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect them to do that every single night! The only way you can assume they will do something regularly is if it’s by mutual agreement. Even then, mutual agreements often have to be modified. The last thing you want to do is take advantage of your partner. In a relationship, neither person owes the other anything that can turn into drudgery or a constantly uneven burden. So don’t expect them to do stuff for you all the time, as it’ll only lead to disappointment and frustration!

Support each other Always

Relationships will often have many “tests” that they must go through. To make it out the other side together and intact requires work from both parties. You both must support each other through life’s ups and downs. There are many life events that can lead to temporary depression or debilitating anxiety. For instance, if your partner has lost their job, help them to find another one and keep their spirits up. If they’ve relapsed into an alcohol problem there are support programs like Alcoholics Anonymous you could recommend.  Even serious drug addictions as a result of some trauma in their life might require immediate help from a heroin addiction treatment center or other emergency treatment.  And if they are just plain feeling like nothing positive is happening in their lives, you can support them with professional mental health help.

Have a Sense of Humor

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give each other some space

Life can get tedious and even frustrating if you are living in each other’s pockets. That’s why you must give each other some personal space regularly. Doing so means you’ll always have something new to talk about, for a start. Plus, it’s a great way to build and maintain your social circles. When two people form a relationship, there’s always a danger that both individuals could lose their identity. Give each other some space, and that’s unlikely to be a problem for you and your partner. Check out our post

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Appreciate What your partner does for you

It doesn’t matter whether it’s something as simple as making you a cup of coffee or giving you a lift to your favorite shops. You should remember to be appreciative of the things your partner does for you – and vice versa!  A little appreciation goes a long way when it comes to a happy relationship. Sure, there will be times where you annoy the hell out of each other for some trivial reason. But, you should always remember the things you do for each other.

Thanks for reading this article – and good luck!


It's no secret that even the best relationships all have their ups and downs. Here's  few tips to help build happy relationships with your partner. 


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