How to Organize Your Paper Mail

Have you ever had a wake-up call when you realize you’ve been doing something the wrong way your entire life? It happens to most people at some point. As human beings we form routines, patterns and habits for how we do things, like the order in which we get dressed in the morning, or how we make a cup of coffee – milk first, or coffee then milk? This is  our brain’s natural way of completing tasks, but sometimes it means we get into habits which aren’t actually benefiting us. When we are made aware of this, it’s hard to lose our old habits, but when we do, we can make way for the new and keep lives organized and efficient.

Some people organize their mail into sections, some don’t. Particularly if you live with friends or family, not by yourself, it is very useful to compartmentalize your mail for each recipient, to ensure nobody’s letters get lost or accidentally thrown away. We often don’t realize it, but we all have a way of sorting through our mail which is a habit formed over time, just like anybody else. However, you may have been doing it wrong this entire time.

Here’s how to efficiently organize your mail.

    1. Just do it. Instead of just putting your mail in a pile on your coffee table and leaving it for days, sort it as soon as it arrives. Stop what you’re doing, put down what you’re holding, and immediately sort through it. It will take you thirty seconds maximum, and will allow you to get what you need, and throw the junk out.
    2. Create a priority order. If you have received an urgent call to action, like a bill that is due or a call for jury duty, get to it right away. Call the number, pay the bill, and get it over with. If the mail is important but not urgent, store the letter somewhere you will remember it. Get a small caddy which sits in your living space in view of your day to day routine. If you put the letter in a drawer for safe keeping, the chances are you’ll forget about it.
    3. Use an online mail sorting tool. If you spend a lot of time out of the house or traveling abroad, this is for you. An online service like  sorts and scans your mail so you don’t have to. It then provides you with all the data online, and you can choose to shred or keep the mail using just your phone. No more envelopes piling up in the corner – just your phone, and the touch of a button.

It’s super easy to receive an important letter or bill, put it away and forget about it. In doing this, you could incur fines or interest on money you owe, or miss an important appointment. It’s vital that you organize your mail in the right way; retrain your brain and kickstart your mail organization today.


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