An Acre to Call My Own : Buying Land

Depending on where you live buying a small bit of land could be something that allows you to do things like adding a shop or doing some urban gardening. 

In rural, semi-rural or lightly residential environments, it’s not uncommon for small parcels of land to suddenly come available around you. Maybe an acre or two is up for sale by a farmer who is downsizing, or inheritance issues have put a family member in a difficult situation, or literally any one of hundreds of other factors could be in play. One thing is certain however… a property owner with an immediate need is now looking for a potential buyer, and a great many of these properties can be purchased at below market prices by those who are keenly aware.  So, if you’re in a position to act when one of these opportunities comes available near you, you could find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Of course, before you rush out to make an offer, you have to be able to justify your potential purchase. Is there good reason to own this additional property? Can you afford to take it on? More land always means more  maintenance, and the need to securely protect your property. Have you already been mulling these ideas over and making wishes as to your future? If so, congratulations! This means you’re probably already aware that drawing up some plans ahead of time can be a great idea. However, even this simple step can be hard to do for many unless inspiration strikes and really moves you towards this goal. That’s where this article comes in. We’ve prepared just a few ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing. Check them out.

Dreaming of a Large Garage or Shop?

A large garage or outbuilding can be a great idea, especially if you’re currently busting at your seams from a lack of protected parking spaces, or  you’ve always wanted to expand a hobby or start a small business, and this would finally make that dream come true.  Metal garage buildings can fill that need while working within the overall layout and functionality of your property… plus the buildings themselves can be made to look great! This may also help protect against vehicle thefts, which sadly can be rather common in rural areas due to how few people are around, and here’s a potential bonus… they can also reduce a good portion of your car insurance premiums each year. Now that’s a win!

Micro-Farms and Urban Gardens

Whether you call them micro-farms, urban gardens or smallholdings, having even a tiny bit of extra land can make a huge difference for your own family, or your community.  Maybe you’d like to raise a few chickens to enjoy and sell fresh eggs, or you might want to keep a few sheep or goats.  Even in the middle of bustling cities, these patches of space and agriculture  opportunities are popping up everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh veggies available without the prices you have to pay at the market? These can be fun land-use ideas that often become labors of love that benefit your children, your neighbors, and provide community green space. If you have always wanted to relive your childhood on the farm or have simply been interested in giving something this a go, ensuring your land is inspected and your health department papers are in order can be a great starting step to structuring your land for this purpose, even if it is mostly an exercise of love and attention.

Rent The Land

Renting the land can also be a worthwhile endeavor if you’re busy putting plans in place or saving money for an extra bit of construction. Something such as a small office outbuilding, or renting the land to a local gardener, or even allowing the creation of a community gardening patch can allow for the land to be used for a good cause. This can also help the land pay for itself over a certain amount of time. Looking into your options here and also into land renting regulations can be important. Who knows how profitable this could be?

With these few examples and this advice, we hope the idea of purchasing a little extra land can be used to your best advantage. It all starts with your dreams and desires… and a little hard work.


Depending on where you live buying a small bit of land could be something that allows you to do things like adding a shop or doing some urban gardening. 







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