Existential Anxiety Triggers and What Can Help

Existential anxiety is anxiety caused by the basic things that allow us to exist such as money, compantionship, meaning and purpose. Learn about Existential Anxiety Triggers and What Can Help. 

If you told a friend that you are very worried about the future, their typical response would be to laugh and say “yeah, who isn’t?” however, for some people, this type of fear encapsulates them and stops them from living their life. Existential anxiety is a mental health condition, which ultimately refers to the largest most complex things in life. What is the meaning of life, why are we here and does it all matter? These are questions that philosophers have wrestled with for thousands of years. For some people, this form of anxiety can manifest itself into a deep depression. It can feel like nothing is of value and that life itself is not worth the trouble. For many others, existential anxiety only refers to a few select things like the fear of flying, driving on the highway or speaking at a public event. Here’s who you could help yourself to get over this condition. 

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Finding meaning in life

For the rare few in society, a need to understand the meaning of life is so overwhelming that many other things in their lives don’t seem to matter. This can turn into a downward spiral if left without treatment or a search for answers. Many people have confessed to not knowing where to turn for answers and allowing themselves to carry on living with this weight on their shoulders. The first action to take is to realize that you’re not alone. Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and Socrates spent their entire lives trying to find the meaning of life. Aristotle thought that it all looped back to ethics. His idea was that human beings search for a ‘supreme good’ from which to live their lives by. This is perhaps why people turn to the bible and many other spiritual books. These can be helpful depending on which parts you focus on. The early-modern European philosophers were also transfixed by knowing what is real and what life is all about. Read more about this subject in philosophy and be proactive in joining a club that is also interested in this question. 

One of the best books, no matter your religion or beliefs that has helped many just clarity life a bit is The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. It’s a book you feel better after reading. I like to read it once every year or two.


Going through a breakup

Existential anxiety comes in many forms. Millions of people admit to feeling terribly anxious about their future when they were going through a breakup. They might have been with their companion for many years but something occurred which ended the relationship. Couples feel as if they don’t know where to turn when this happens as it can be incredibly painful and overwhelming. If you were in a long-term relationship with a companion sharing common goals, you will now feel as if you’re lost. All your main future plans lay in ruin and now you have to pick up the pieces and carry on.

It’s vitally important that you do keep looking toward the future. Don’t dwell on what your life could have been with your now ex-partner. It’s common for many people to believe they should be married by the time they are 30 or 35. If you’re within this age range and have lost a partner that could have been your husband, your existential anxiety may be severe. Speak to a relationship counselor or a therapist to help you work through the problems going on inside your head. Confer with someone you respect and love in your life such as a lifelong friend or family member. Speak to them about what you’re feeling and going through. Finding someone with great advice is half the battle.

Money Problems

A lot of our factual future has to do with finances. Our personal finance is the key to paving a pathway to a future we would enjoy living. It gives you options you may not have otherwise. Going through a series of bad financial events and behavior can veer you further and further from this. Whether it’s a lack of self-control or not having enough foresight of where you need your finances to be, can lead you into a fearful place. There are many avenues to turn to before this happens. There are many ways to help you through this and make a new plan. Counselors, books etc. If your a “think outside the box” kind of person you may want to do something such as seeking a free psychic reading. Yeah, that’s wierd for some, but good ones can give you a boost of positive advice.  Someone like Maria will try to look into your life and spot any ongoing patterns that could be causing your financial troubles. All you need to do is give some basic information such as your name, email address, country and date of birth. She’s experienced in reading tarot cards and numerology. Just trust your gut! We’re big fans of thing outside the box  as long as you do it from a place of peace and calm and not fear. Fear can make us do crazy thing!

There are multiple forms of existential anxiety. The causes are usually so complex that reaching out to a professional in their own field to seek advice is helpful. If that’s not an option read some reputable books on the topic. Faced calmly you are sure to overcome your fears and move forward with hope and empowerment.

Existential anxiety is anxiety caused by the basic things that allow us to exist such as money, compantionship, meaning and purpose. Learn about Existential Anxiety Triggers and What Can Help. 

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