Ease the Emotional Stress of Moving

While exciting, moving away from your home can be difficult for many reasons. Learn how to ease the emotional stress of moving. 

Moving away from a home can be a wonderful, satisfying, thrilling journey. It can also obviously be a LOT of work but it can take some psychological work also. For a lot of people, it is a massive leap into the unknown, especially if you’re moving to a different state far away from everything you know! Something that is life-changing on this big of a scale can truly bring some perspective on many things; you realise how independent you have become, your strength comes out to shine, and you find yourself forever learning new skills.

It can, however, prove to bring a lot of negativity. Homesickness can be a common struggle. The continuous feeling of anxiety and stress over the smallest issues rages on in your mind. You begin to doubt your capabilities. This post contains some simple top tips on how to protect your mental (and emotional!) health from these dangerous aspects of moving away from home.

Stay in Contact!

This one seems obvious, but it is so important to stay in contact with friends and family at home. If, for example, you’ve moved halfway around the world, then working out the time difference can be a huge help. It means that once it hits a certain time of day on your end, you’ll know who will be awake back home and when you’ll be able to have a chat with them! If, say, you’re still struggling then it is important to keep up regular contact. You may find that if you put the effort to talk to loved ones on a daily basis, rather than weekly, it can make all the difference and dispel senses of loneliness.

We have a free Printable Moving Announcement with a Cute Poem that you can print and pass out out friends reminding them to keep in touch!

Moving can be bittersweet but these printable poetic moving announcements are a fun way to let your neighbors know you'll miss them and to keep in touch!


Make Friends!

Even if you’re in a country where most people don’t speak the same language as you do, it’s guaranteed that there are people who are in the same boat as you! Join groups on social media and make an effort to attend activities that are being arranged. Get to know new people. Language exchange sessions are a lot more common now so you can actually socialize with people wanting to learn a new language; they are usually open to teaching you their native language too. You may be surprised with how easy this is – everyone will want to be connecting with other people as well: humans are a social species after all!

Take Time to Explore and Enjoy

There will always be things to do and new places to discover, no matter where you are in the world. Make sure during the unpacking stage that you take time to do enjoyable things. Go out and explore! Make the most of your time and you’ll make some fond memories to look back on along the way. Even better: go out and explore with the new friends you’ve made. Take lots of pictures to send to friends and family back home and tell them about your day when your schedules align!

Your wellbeing is one of the most important things in life. Taking time out of your day for self-care and self-love is a great way to protect it. If that’s not always possible, above are some ways to still put in the effort to protect your mental and emotional health when travelling. There are places and things you can do; like a detox, that are dedicated to promoting wellness so it might be an idea to pop along to one if you’re feeling rundown and in need of some self-care encouragement. Whatever your situation, it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

While exciting, moving away from your home can be difficult for many reasons. Learn how to ease the emotional stress of moving. 


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