Is Your Home Unhealthy?

Is your home unhealthy? You might be surprised at the things that can contribute to an unhealthy environment.

When it comes to living healthily, many people focus on diet and exercise. However, considering you spend hours inside, you should look at your home environment too. Most people would hope that their house is relatively safe. After all, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. Sadly, many homes aren’t the healthy havens we are expecting. Many factors could turn your property into an unhealthy place to live. With that in mind, here are six reasons your home environment might not be what it should be. Below are some things to think about when pondering is your home unhealthy?

Wearing Outside Shoes Indoors

Outside your home is a world full of bacteria, dirt, and harmful toxins. As you walk around, these nasties get picked up on your clothes and shoes. Wearing outdoor attire around the house will transfer these toxins to carpets and other areas. A great way to avoid this is to make our Quick & Classy Entryway Shoe Rack & Aromatherapy Plus Frameable Reminder.  Removing your shoes as you enter the house will keep the bad stuff at bay and could also serve as an inviting visual cue for visitors to do the same.

Letting Clutter Take Over

Clutter around the house can cause serious stress. While many would argue that the mess doesn’t bother them, numerous studies and good ole common sense tell us their subconscious would disagree. What’s more, clutter creates an environment within which dirt, dust, and allergens can hide. For a clean and stress-free home, take a good look around and make an effort to purge every room of clutter… but make sure you also have storage for the things you keep. Our post The 3 Box Rule Dejunking : Key To Easy Clutter Removal will help you get started!

Smoking Near A Window

Everyone knows that smoking is an unhealthy habit, and in the closed environment of your home, it’s especially so. However, it’s a tough habit to break, so if you smoke indoors, even near a window, it will affect everyone who visits your house too. Thankfully, there are many options out there for quitting smoking. If you aren’t ready to give up nicotine yet, try one of the many Juul pod flavors for “safer than smoking” vaping. Whatever method you go with, getting advice from a doctor can be helpful. Your family and visitors will thank you.  If your trying to quit smoking check out our post How To Stop Smoking : 3 Minutes A Day For 3 Weeks.

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Having Dirty Shower Heads

The fundamental purpose of taking a shower is to clean yourself. That being said, you must clean the showerhead too. Showerheads are exposed to gallons of unfiltered water every day. Because of this, bacteria can begin to form inside, which you then inhale and wash with. Cleaning your showerheads every few months will eliminate bacteria and the issues they cause.


Owning Too Many Plants

This one might surprise you. While having plants around the house will make the place healthier. But, that is only true to a certain extent. It’s important to know that plants inside your home must be well cared for, or at the least, regularly looked after.  Owning lots of house plants can actually have a negative effect on your inside  environment. This is because the wet and warm soil in the pots provides the perfect habitat for mold to grow. That’s why it’s vitally important that you tend to your plants, always checking the condition of their soil.  Remember, they want to remain healthy too!  While you should still have greenery at home, it’s a good rule of thumb to not keep more than a few plants in each room. We’ve got some wonderful ideas for growing plants indoors!


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Setting The Temperature High

The temperature of your home is all about balance. Setting the thermostat too low will leave you feeling uncomfortable, but picking too high a  temperature will create a climate where bacteria and mold thrives. To prevent the latter, you should keep the heat during the winter months as moderate as possible for your comfort.  We suggest wearing a comfy light sweater or long sleeves that allow your thermostat to be set at no higher than 70 degrees. When it’s convenient, cuddling up in a blanket will let you turn the thermostat down a few degrees more.

Hopefully, with the simple advice contained in this short article, you can create a healthier home to live in.

Is your home unhealthy? You might be surprised at the things that can contribute to an unhealthy environment.


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