Using Positivity To Overcome Adversity

No matter how many troubles you are facing positive thinking and action can help you manage these situations and make them less stressful. No matter how many troubles you are facing in life, through positive thinking and action, it’s always possible to manage these situations and make them less stressful. While some problems cannot be solved, they can definitely be eased by reframing your outlook and adjusting your actions. Getting a handle on the issues in life that leave us feeling at rock bottom can prevent us from sinking even lower. So, let’s take a new look at how to start this amazing process.

For Every Problem There’s a Compromise

A solution is always there, you just have to find it. The word compromise doesn’t have to be a derogatory term. It just means there’s always another way to get most if not all of what you want. There are two ways that you can react to a problem in your life, you can choose to let it beat you down and take control over your whole being, or you can take a more “solutions-focused” approach to overcome the emotional burdens that often go along with a struggle.

There are a gazillion problems that any of us might be experiencing right now, but for this article let’s look at one example. You may be dealing with a severe health condition. Millions of people have one or more of these. This is obviously a very personal thing, but for most of you, there are people around you who love you and would be happy to help out in some way. They might provide you with emotional support through kindness or an act of physical assistance. Turning to friends or family when you really need it the most is often not a problem at all, and you may be relieved to find that they will reliably and happily come through for you.

When it comes to our health, all of us deserve to find care and support, and even if we know it’s most often found from those around us, it just may take the right frame of mind to overcome your negative emotions and actually reach out to ask for that help. Why? Your health problems may cause you embarrassment, and in these cases you may not be very willing for those closest to you to be the ones to help with it. After all, we’re wired to do things for ourselves, but oftentimes even simple acts like taking our own blood pressure, or for diabetics, giving yourself a shot of insulin may be too physically challenging. That’s why it’s also important to find products or solutions that are specifically made for ease of use. For instance, there are even catheters available that you can maintain yourself. We’re living in amazing times.

Admitting that you need something and then dealing with that need is a crucial step to your overall happiness and wellbeing. You might have your mind set for a certain solution, but if you’re willing to compromise, you can usually find an answer that is almost as good and effective as the thing you wanted in the first place.

You Deserve Your Best Efforts

Sometimes our biggest enemies and our worst critics are ourselves. When we over-think every aspect of our lives, we often see ourselves in a distorted way. We may believe that others have this same view of us, but yet we never really know how we look through other people’s eyes.  What is true is that we all deserve to look after ourselves. While you may feel low self-worth because of a spate of bad luck in your life, by not looking after yourself, you are punishing yourself unduly. Take the time to really think about how you can make a difference in your own life. Find ways to relax more, eat better, exercise more, and then do yourself the decency to allow yourself to make a habit of implementing important changes. There is no crime in looking after yourself. One way to give self care is to make sure you have a place you can go for peace. Read our helpful article on Creating Your Happy Place.

Why it's important for you have your own special sanctuary or 'happy place' that you can retreat too daily and some great simple ideas for creating one!

Engage With Your Passions

One of the best ways to fill your life with positivity is to engage in something that you are passionate about. This may be a sport, hobby, or creative activity like crafting, or the many other creative ideas you’ll find on this site. So often in life, we neglect our passions and let them fall by the wayside, when it’s these very things that have the most power to keep us healthy and happy in the first place.

If you are feeling as though life is getting the better of you, stop for a minute and think about the things that make you feel alive and ignite a sense of passion and positivity in your life. Re-engage and allow the positivity to grow inside you. Realize that if you don’t care enough to act now, you’ll slowly adopt the habit of non-action or procrastination, and that just makes it harder to effectively do something about it later… when you’re feeling worse and even more burdened. For many crafting can be a passion. We certainly have plenty of inspiration on this site for that! For others cooking is their passion.  Or maybe gardening. Check out our Touch of Gold DIY Planters from Soda Bottles and our Metro Modern Self Watering Planters from Soda Bottles. The list is endless!

Get Control of Your Thoughts

A big part of getting through adversity is controlling our thoughts. Anxiety and negative thinking can undermine happiness. Check out our post Tips to Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks for a powerful way to nip those negative thought in the bud!


Perspective, though simple in concept, is one of the most powerful tools to keep your mind in a good place when adversity hits. Trials can make your vision become very narrow. This is a quote I tell myself when things get bad to help remind me that in reality my life is pretty great.

“Even during the worst times in my life, there are millions of people who would give their right arm to trade places with me.”

No matter how many troubles you are facing positive thinking and action can help you manage these situations and make them less stressful.


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