Taming the Wild Horse that is Anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects millions. These few tips can help you get a handle on alleviating the wild horse that is anxiety.

As someone who has lived with anxiety wild horse seems like the perfect metaphor. Because if you suffer from it the mind, like a runaway horse you can’t control, speeds away into a spiral of thoughts and makes you feel out of control. As a teen I had a horse runaway with me once and I can still remember the sheer terror of being out of control.  At it’s worst it makes you feel powerless and out of control.

Anxiety is something that affects millions of people around the world. Yet many people don’t even recognize the symptoms in themselves. In my 50’s I realized I’d had it all my life. But it was my “norm” so I didn’t realize it until it became worse.  We just put our head down and try to just blast through moments we feel tense and anxious. This can work for some people but for the majority, you kinda need a plan. Controlling your anxiety can be like trying to tame a wild horse. Just when you think you’ve calmed it down, it can kick up both its hind legs and the muzzle straps can shoot out of your hands. It’s not an easy thing to do but if you knew how you could tame this animal in your head, your wellbeing and life would immeasurably improve.

Be more selfish

We have a million different responsibilities these days.  That means we tend to plan our holidays in a rather predictable manner. It’s time for you to be more selfish and do the things you want to do without any hindrance. If you have a hobby you love, it takes you away from your normal life at home, then you need to invest more in it. Buy the kinds of equipment that you want for your favourite sport, invest in a better sound system for your home theater so you can enjoy your love of film even more. Be more dedicated to the things you take great pleasure in doing. You have every right to be more selfish and spend more time and money on activities that slowly drown all your worries and troubles away.

CBD Oil and Marijuana

Many people will look towards food for comfort and satisfaction when they’re stressed and anxious. If marijuana is legal in your state it can be incredibly helpful with anxiety, among many other things. While everyone is different there are lots of different strains all designed to make the user calmer and more relaxed. So check out the best weed for anxiety.   Even more easily obtainable is CBD Oil which can work wonders for anxiety. It’s safe and available in most states and can be ordered online. Check out our CBD Oil Guide.  It can be amazingly effective  to calm down nerves and soothe your worries.

Be Prepared

If you’re going to be giving a presentation or perhaps you’re going to be meeting someone for a job interview, this is when anxiety can flare up. But planning and foreseeing possibilities of what could happen and preparing for them can abate your fears. Do this well ahead of time and you will have gotten used to the level of pressure you will be going through. We have a variety of posts that also help stop runaway emotions and thoughts using simple and free techniques.  Make sure to check out Free Yourself From Suffering In One Minute : Heal Depression & More (EMDR) and  Tips to Stop Negative Thoughts in their Tracks.

Anxiety can be like a wild stallion that doesn’t want to be tamed. However, there are plenty of techniques you can use such as being more selfish and living out your favorite hobbies in your spare time.

Anxiety is something that affects millions. These few tips can help you get a handle on alleviating the wild horse that is anxiety.





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