A Perfect Christmas Movie For Perspective

Noel is a lesser known Christmas movie that encompasses the underlying true message of the holiday. You'll come away from it with a different perspective. blank630x20What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I’ll bet you have more than one and I’m guessing, as an adult, they will be tied to your childhood or to happy memories with your own children. Because these movies go hand and hand with the holiday, we even created a free Christmas Eve Tradition kit packed of ideas to go with different Christmas movies.

Once December 1st hits, Christmas music plays non-stop in our home and the viewing of the holiday shows begin. I have a bundle of them that get watched pretty much every year. That list seldom gets added to, but about four years back I happened upon a movie I was totally unaware of: Noel from 2004. It had some top names in it so I was surprised I’d overlooked it. It stars Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Paul Walker, Penelope Cruz, and Alan Arkin. Most newer Christmas movies just don’t have the “feel” I tend to need for the holidays but I decided to watch this one. It had such a deep effect on me it was an instant favorite and I now watch it every year.

A Perfect Christmas Movie for Perspective FEWe tend to love movies because we connect with them in some way. It’s why I watch the old Rankin Bass claymation shows each year that I watched as a child and that my own kids watched. Powerful ties there and they bring back that deep, profound feeling in my heart that is what Christmas is all about to me.

I loved Noel, not because it was all holly jolly. I loved it because I came away from it vowing to be a better person and pay more attention to the things around me. Without spoiling anything I’ll just say that it’s about the human condition and the things many people face. It’s about an inner connectedness between all of us and how we’re here for each other.  It’s about stepping out of our comfort zones to help others.  It’s about growing through discomfort and how difficult situations can bring out the best in us if we let them.

 So I wanted to share it in case you’ve missed it and in case it might make it onto your favorite movie list. blank630x20



Where To View

I searched for a free place online to watch the movie but though there were a few sites that allow you to do so, I was unsure of their legitimacy. You can, however, stream it online for $1.99 on Amazon.blank630x20Whereever there is a human being there an opportunity for a kindless. blank630x20


  1. Sound lovely, I’ve never seen it so will definitely look out for it.
    Have you ever seen Nativity? I did quite well here in the UK but I’m not sure if it is known anywhere else in the world. It’s set in my home town of Coventry and really showcases our beautiful old cathedral which was bombed in the 2nd world war and left as a ruin. It’s also a very sweet funny story with some super cute local children staring.


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