How to Do a Bedroom Makeover on a Budget : The Plan

Don't think you need to have big bucks to do a stunning bedroom makeover! In this series we'll show you the steps to inexpensively transform your bedroom.blank630x20

This will be a series filled with unique and thrifty ideas to turn your bedroom into an oasis. I had ONE GOAL with my bedroom makeover: To see just how many things I could use that I already had and still make it look fresh and new with a touch of magic. I do love a good challenge so deciding this ahead of time made it more fun.  It’s also pretty amazing what you can do if you decide to not throw a bunch of money at something. The old saying is true… necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

I can’t tell you how many sweeps I made through our house and our storage looking for stuff I could bring into the bedroom after “adapting” it a little. Or how much time I spent perusing Pinterest for creative ideas that were low cost. But it came together great and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money to do it.

Never let a lack of funds stop you from making your home a unique and special place. Hopefully after looking over what I’ve done you’ll get some ideas of your own on how to use what you have to create an awesome environment!

The Bedroom Series - Create an Oasis on a Budgetblank630x20

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Most Important Component for a Budget Bedroom Makeover

Paint! A coat of paint can transform bleh items into total awesomeness. I used two cans of spray paint for most of my decor, black and silver. I ended up buying some black latex paint for my hampers as new hampers would have been about $80 and I really the one’s I had. I also bought a small tube of silver Rub’n Buff which is amazing stuff. A tiny dab goes a long way and it gives a classy metal silver leaf finish to just about anything.



Steps for a Bedroom on a Budget (or any room!)

The key here is to use as much of what you already have and either repainting items or making inexpensive decor items for little or no money. Doing this requires some thinking outside the box!

  1. Budget: If you have a little money to spend, decide on your budget and stick to it.
  2. Help: If you have anyone who can help you brainstorm… call them!
  3. Overall Vibe: Choose the look and feel you want for your bedroom.
  4. Color: Choose your color scheme.
  5. Pinterest: Spend time on Pinterest getting ideas for expensive ways to decorate and arrange your bedroom. It’s the BEST RESOURCE ever! Make a Secret Board to pin all your ideas to for quick reference. (I have one of these boards for every room in my house.)
  6. Use What You Have: Go foraging and gather up everything in your house, garage and storage that might be able to be used in your bedroom. Even if you don’t think it will work gather it up anyway and put everything in an out of the way spot. Having everything in one place to go through can help inspire other ideas as you move forward in your makeover.
  7. Thrift Stores: Hit the thrift stores for unique items you can makeover and use.
  8. Paint/Redo: Using your idea and color choices look over the items you’ve gathered and purchased from thrift stores including things that will be staying in the bedroom you’re making over. Decide what you can spray paint to fit in with your theme Purchase the spray paint needed.
  9. Begin: Once you have all your items and colors, start putting the bedroom together! This will require doing things in steps if you have painting to do or are making decor items. Take your time and enjoy the process. New ideas may pop up as you go along. Be creative, be inventive and remember to think outside the box! This is your home and you don’t’ have to follow any prescribed outline. Make it fit YOU!

I created a free Room Makeover Kit you can download. It can be a big help in your effort to makeover any room.

What happens when you use our FREE ROOM MAKEOVER KIT? Awesome! By using the free tools shown and downloading our printable kit you’ll be organized and on your way to making your home beautiful in no time!blank630x20

My Own Personal Plan

BUDGET: $150 tops.  You’ll see my totals on what I spent for everything in a future post.

CALLED MY DAUGHTER: I always call my daughter Jennifer when I want to do a room makeover. She’s unbelievably gifted and gives me all kinds of wonderful ideas even though she’s long distance. Just talking to her helps me get inspiration.  A lot of what I did was based on her input.

LOOK & FEEL: I wanted a cozy sanctuary with soft elegance and a touch of magic.

COLORS: Black, grey, silver. My walls were already a soft grey and my furniture was already black. My bedding was an off white and black. I used what I had and built off that.


  • A black hanging lamp I had in storage.
  • Twinkle lights.
  • A canopy of some sort.
  • A large quote that I would pick out.
  • My fairy art that I already had.

OTHER ITEMS I HAD: As I went through my home and storage I found several items I decided to makeover and pull into my room.

PINTEREST/THRIFT STORES: I made visits to both regularly!



Here is what my bedroom looked like before the makeover. Fairly bland and nothing special.  Our next post will start the transformation one step at a time. You’ll learn how to make all kinds of wonderful inexpensive things including a canopy to help you transform your room into a sanctuary.

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget BEFORE Bleh


Don't think you need to have big bucks to do a stunning bedroom makeover! In this series we'll show you the steps to inexpensively transform your bedroom.




  1. Hi Nancy, I just love how light and airy the room looks now! Great job:) Please join our party, Friday Favorites, at and share what you have been working on!! Doors open every Thursday at 7PM. I hope to see you there!! Hugs- Christine

  2. You’re so organized with your room makeover! I’m looking at doing a small redo with my bedroom, since I’m running low on space right now. I can’t wait for the next post to see how you transformed your space!

    Visiting thanks to Inspiration Monday.

    – Courtney

  3. Hi, I’m here from Happiness is Homemade 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading about your budget canopy project! I always wanted a canopy when I was growing up. They’re so magical and dramatic!

  4. This is my first time to visit………………..
    From what I can tell I looks like you are gonna have a lovely bedroom.
    Like the colors you chose, and like how you accessorized the bookcase.
    I just redid my bedroom too, but in a coastal look.
    My daughter is a good decorator too, and we inspire one another as well.
    Sounds like we have some things in common.

    Enjoy your new bedroom look…………..looks forward to seeing more pics.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Nancy Author

      Welcome Nellie! Its definitely helpful to have talented kids isn’t it? Thanks so much for the kind comment. So glad to have you as a visitor. Hope you find things that inspire you. Ü


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