Easy Stand Alone Fairy Doors

Easy Stand Alone Fairy Doors blank630x20

Whether you believe in fairies or not these little doors are lovely little accents to any room! They are so simple to make using popsicle sticks and wood bases that you can get at any craft store. Decorate them with whatever you have around the house, which is what I did. Then place them in an out of the way spot to be discovered.  Best of all you don’t have to attach them to anything!blank630x20


  • Popsicle sticks: 10 for regular doors.  11 for curved doors.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Poster board or cereal box cardboard.
  • Paint
  • Wood base* of any type aprox. 5.25″x 3″
  • Wood mushroom buttons  for doorknobs. (Not sure what those are called) Other doorknob ideas: Small cork, small round ball, round bead etc.
  • Various additions: moss, artificial flowers, leaves, small wood shapes, old jewelry etc,

*NOTE: You could also use a heavy piece of cardboard for the base.blank630x20

Visual Instructions

I used things that I already had to make these so they cost me nothing. Even if you have to purchase the wood bases and sticks you’re looking at a very inexpensive craft.

door shapesblank630x20

Small wood blocks also work to hold the door up.basesblank630x20 trimmings


Easy Stand Alone Fairy Doors FIYblank630x20 Easy Stand Alone Fairy Doors Tutorial


  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the idea and all the great inspiring pictures! We used this craft to go along with a “Doors” theme for a Ladies Day in which a friend made a SHE SHED out of old doors and we had a craft station set up for the ladies to make their own door with a scripture from Revelation on the back and made into magnets. Thank you!

    1. Nancy Author

      Hoi Jannie!
      Typische popcyclussticks zijn ongeveer 4 1/2 “lang. De basis voegt iets meer toe. Dus je kijkt naar ongeveer 5” of zo in totaal, afhankelijk van de sticks die je gebruikt en de basis.
      Heel erg bedankt voor uw bezoek!


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